Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love you, I'm sorry

I know this ain't right,

This feeling i have for you

I know it's no sin as well,

But why do i feel so wrong?

I feel like i've created a crime,

That i never expected to do.

It's too late to go back right now,

A second chance is no option at all.

I wanted to be there for you,

As you've been there for me.

Thing is you've never let me in,

No matter how hard i've tried

I know this is wrong,

This is my biggest crime i know,

I love you, I'm sorry.

I am letting go.

A mistake

I like you but i can't love you,

Why must these feelings arise?

I never wanted to end up this way,

But I guess I can't change the facts.

Why does it have to be this way?

To know I've fallen when you faded away.

I didn't know How precious you were,

Till my heart lost sight of you…

I can't stop thinking about,

The times that i was with you.

If only i could erase these mem'ries

Then maybe i could let go.

Thing is I've loved you I'm sorry,

I know it's unfair for you.

Don't worry, I'll keep it all for myself,

I know you'll love someone better than I.

All i could be is a friend,

I know you'll never look back,

It hurts to know it ends up this way,

But hey, it was all a mistake.

Unwanted Feelings

I haven't spoken with you for awhile,

It's been hard for me after you faded.

You don't know this for I was silent,

Coz I didn't want to be a burden to you.

A friend is all i wanted you to be,

But what can i do right now?

I am only a girl who has emotions n such.

I am so sorry for liking you this way.

I have so many questions i want to ask,

Too many for me to even keep,

I want to ask these things sometime,

But i guess it'll ruin the friendship we have.

Why aren't you talking to me anymore?

What did I ever do that made you stop?

Now that you know me, you don't like it?

I know I'm weird, is too much for you?

All i need is for you to be a friend.

But where are you when i needed you?

YOu only talk to me when i have problems,

When i want to share my happiness with you.

You've changed so much lately,

You said you were busy but now you're not.

I know something changed in you so much,

And it hurts me a lot in silence you know.

I don't want to talk to you about these.

I never wanted to be a burden for you.

I guess this friendship is slowly fading,

And everything is my fault i believe.

I have too many memories with you,

And i can't help but look back.

Too much happiness for me to forget,

But right now they're a pain in my heart.

This stupid feelings i have for you,

Ruined everything that I had with you.

I never wanted to end up this way.

But what could i possibly do?

I want to talk to you right now,

Don't know if i can be happy or not.

I just miss the old times that's for sure,

but i guess you'll never be back so soon.

I believe this is the time for me to say "Goodbye"

For these feelings are not so good anymore.

I've got to move on and leave it behind.

I know it's just friendship for you but not mine.

You may never know why I will fade,

You'll never notice it anyway.

I miss you so much and I don't want to see you,

that's the irony when feelings arise.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Relationship with My Environment

The sweet cool breeze of the air

This is what I always look forward to every day.

I am a digital artist and most of my days my computer is what I face.

From time to time I am sucked in into my computer.

Really I feel detached from the world itself.

It’s hard to be sucked in technology,

Sometimes I feel like I lose who and what I am.

But once I open my windows and feel the cool breeze cross through my face,

It wakes me up from this technology illusion I am in.

This sweet cool breeze reminds me that I am alive in the real world,

Breathing, alive and awake.

Honestly, deep within my heart,

I am afraid of losing this cool air I daily enjoy.

I whisper a prayer to God everyday that He will still provide this cool air,

Despite the fact that it is almost ruined by the pollution of the world.

The sweet cool breeze is what I need the most; it’s my treasure,

My fear of losing it provided a way for me to protect it.

As simple as throwing my garbage at the right places,

Or taking care of the plants around my place

Simple as it may seem but I know it creates a change.

I know I’m just a small part of this world,

But I am still a part of this world and I believe change begins,

With me.

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