Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something More

As I sit on my chair today,
I wonder if my today would be different.
Would it bring surprises and excitement?
Or will it bring familiarity and normality?

Now I ask myself,
How does my day turn to be normal?
Or then again, how to be exciting?
I guess everything leads to my choice.

It depends on me if i will live normally.
It depends on me if I will live excitingly.
The world cannot adjust to me,
I have to adjust to the world.

But adjusting to the world doesn't mean,
That i cannot compromise normality.
So today I make a choice to be different,
To live my today like no any other.

Today I make a unique choice,
To make something extraordinary,
Despite this ordinary day I have.
There I will find my true satisfaction :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

At Your Feet

I've been away from you,

once was i sitting at your feet,

listening to all that you say,

feeling your presence all day.

Now that I've grown up,

things have changed and fast.

I can't seem to keep myself,

sitting at the feet i once loved.

The heart of Mary that I've had,

Has far gone long now away.

Martha's heart is what I've caught,

and now I'm tired and lost.

I can't see the joy of living no more.

Work and responsibilities is all i have.

The joy of life has long gone disappeared.

Oh God, I miss sitting at your feet.

I want to put all the trays down,

and just listen and be with You.

But i don't understand at all,

Why I can't do it Oh Lord. .

Are the trays stuck on my hands?

Oh dear God. I want to sit down.

I want to be near, oh so close to You.

I've lost track of my sight, i need You.

Dear God, can you please help this lad?

I am long astray, working like crazy.

I've pleased others more than You.

How can i keep my eyes back to You?

Dear God Dear God. . How i miss you so.

Please take me back, I'm tired and lost.

I want to sit once again at your feet,

And listen to the beauty of your voice.

Dear God. . Please forgive my heart.

For it has began to please others,

And lost sight of your amazing love.

Now my heart is oh so weary and pale. .

Dear God. . I ask for the heart of Mary,

I want to sit at your feet once again,

I want to let go of these trays,

and let the heart of Martha fade away.

God, my God. Please hear my Plea,

Bring me back, Oh God please.

I know only You can save this heart,

This weary, tired and faded heart.

At Your feet, once more I want to sit.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's All Yours

God, right now I at a loss,

You know deep within me,
That i have nothing left,
I can't do anything anymore.

I have nothing else. .
I am at the end of my rope,
I slowly realized that. .
I can't do anything anymore.

I have to trust in YOU. .
I have to understand that,
All i really have is YOU. .
Letting go of everything.

God. I need you so much.
I lay it all up on our hands.
Only you can touch this heart.
I know you can take it away.

Take away all the feelings,
That I may keep the gift,
That You have freely given me.
I need Your grace Oh, God.

My heart is all Yours.
Take it and please don't let go.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7 2011

Today... i witnessed a proposal :)

My wonderful friends Sharon & Joseph.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too Careful

Yes, I like someone.

Yes, I am paranoid.
Yes, I am thinking too much.
Yes, I am too careful.

I don't regret being like this,
It's keeping me safe,
It's keeping me pure in a way;
It's saving me from serious pain.

Liking someone is wonderful,
Tho it is tough as well.
It should be handled with great care,
Or it'll badly get out of hand.

Feelings taken for granted,
Is a very serious offense;
This is to be taken seriously,
Or it'll create serious mistakes.

I value our friendship so much,
that I make sure my guard is up.
I like him but i've got to be careful;
For as they say, Love is patient indeed.

I like him, I am paranoid.
I am too careful coz I like him.
Got to wait for God's Hand to move,
Coz He indeed is writing my story. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here Am I! Send me.

God. .

Here Am I! Send me.
Simple words, but powerful.
Taken for granted, but honored.

When the world is falling,
And everyone's hope is fading,
I will still remain and say,
Here Am I! Send me.

When my dreams & hopes,
Are stepped on and destroyed,
I will still believe and say,
Here Am I!Send me.

When all have betrayed me,
And lost all my dear ones,
I will still stand firm and say,
Here Am I! Send me.

I am nothing, but I am here.
You need me not, but I will serve.
You asked whom You shall send,
Here Am I! Send me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What does it really mean?

What does it really mean,

When I accept Christ in my life?
What changes can it really do?
What exactly does it do?

I grew up having my life in Him,
Don't really know the other side,
Of not having Him in my life.
But this I clearly know deeply.

That when One has received Him,
All his sins are forgotten.
None of his past can affect him now.
He is given a new clean slate.

Nothing to pay back for,
Nothing to suffer of,
No consequence to face.
It's just plain grace.

It's hard to accept I know.
Living a life full of sin and hatred.
But I myself can't understand,
Why He gave salvation so freely.

Forgiveness given gracefully,
Love given unconditionally,
Hope given whole-heartedly,
Life given in a brand new way.

No matter how others view it,
When encountering Christ,
They are a new being.
Something changes definitely.

Accepting Christ as Savior,
After all those past sins,
Takes away all those sins,
With His sacrificed blood.

Yes, no one can comprehend,
Such grace given to us sinners.
Yes, we don't deserve a bit of it,
But He freely gave it in love. : )

So, what's stopping you from accepting?
When you have nothing to repay.
All you have to do is turn away,
from all your sins and doubts.

It's as easy as that,
and i tell you,
accepting Him?
You won't regret it.

His love is just so amazing,
No more lonely nights,
No more hopeless mornings.
Just plain love and joy. : )

So, what does it really mean?
Accepting Christ in your life,
Reconciles you with Him.
And it's as simple as that : )

Reconciling with Him,
Makes you a new creation,
Old things have passed away,
All things have become new. : )

2 Corinthians 5:17

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