Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reaching my Dreams for yours

I have a dream

And that is for you to reach your dream

Confusing I am to you right now,

But that's the truth, it is my dream.

I dream for you to reach your dream,

and ignite the passion in your heart,

I know you couldn't do it alone,

For I myself couldn't do it alone as well.

I dream for you to never loose hope,

That in every dream is a future unseen.

A future we may never know for sure,

But would surely change history I know.

Each of us has a dream of our own,

Some are unpleasant but most are good.

Each dream needs guidance for sure,

And that is my dream to guide you to yours.

I want to reach you as far as I could,

As far as reaching to your home.

I want to encourage you in every way,

That you may see the importance of your dream.

All dreams have a purpose of their own,

It is in your hands if you'll use it for good or not.

This is my calling this is my dream,

To help you reach your dream for good.

Please pray for me I plead,

I want to reach you as soon as i can,

I know it seems impossible for now,

But nothing is impossible through my God.

Even when everybody says I can't.

I will choose to say "I can!"

Coz Nobody could step on this dream i have,

Unless I allow them to crush this hope in me.

I know I can reach you wherever you are,

It's just a matter of perseverance and faith.

Nobody said it would be an easy task,

But that's the thrill of reaching a dream!

So just wait for me my friend,

I will help you ignite that passion in you.

Just keep on holding and never let go,

Together we will make your dreams come true!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is it Deep Enough?

I like you.

I don't really know how deep that is,
But all I know is I like being around you.
I just like it, I can't explain why.

I've been thinking a lot,
Why do I even like you so much?
I don't know how deep that is,
Is it just a friend or more than that?

There were days that i didn't care so much,
But then the question still hunts me so far.
Why do I like you so much?
I can't even answer that question right now.

I like you but i can't go deeper than that,
I can't say I love you, coz I just don't.
I like you is the perfect phrase.
Not a lover not even a crush.

Yes you are special to me,
But does speciality fall to love immediately?
I don't really know how to answer that.
I like you. Is that special enough?

A lot has been running through my mind,
Will you stay for long as my friend,
Even if I find my special someone in my life,
Or would you leave just like the others did?

You're special and I like you,
I don't want to loose you,
But I don't want to love you neither.
Am I being unfair, or just normal?

I believe you are matured enough,
but then again that is my prayer.
Mature enough to stay as friends,
Coz I'm afraid to loose you as well.

Maybe I should just stop thinking,
And enjoy this friendship you've given.
But then again, I can't help it at times,
I'm just afraid of loosing you from my sight.

But then... there's nothing to be afraid of,
Coz I like you and that's all there is.
Or am I just confused deep inside,
Not knowing "I Like You" is deep enough?

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