Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bridge

Today I almost lost someone dear,

Because i wanted to run away.
Just when the tough gets going,
I got myself ready to turn away.

I cried drowning on my bed,
Tried to throw every memory away.
Decided to run and turn away,
from this someone dear to me.

But the funniest thing happened. . .
No matter how i let go of the rope,
If he won't let go of his,
the bridge won't fall off at all.

This bridge of friendship that we have,
That i was oh so ready to leave,
Was not destroyed at all,
Just because he hold onto his end.

The fact that he held on,
means there's hope for both.
We can still fix it and put it up,
despite the brokenness it had.

Just when i was about to give up,
He held stronger than before.
Of course he got his help from above,
to strengthen him on the hold.

This is the beauty of friendship,
that is given from above.
When its about to break off,
Strong bonds would not let it go.

God is indeed the maker of all,
He set this bridge for us,
and He is willing to keep it forever,
No matter how much I break it apart.

Thank you my dear best friend,
for not letting go of your end.
It gave so much hope and joy,
That made me hold on once again. :)

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