Sunday, May 31, 2009

Suprise Visit

A surprise visit anger gave my problems today,
Ruined my day and broke some hearts.
People i love, people who loves me,
tears and pain in their hearts i have brought.

A problem so small that anger worsen,
giving a tiny foothold to lies unwanted.
Caught off guard that pierce peaceful hearts,
Pierced by words not meant to be pronounced.

Words released sharper than the sword,
scars so deep, only God can heal.
This is what anger can do in a blink of an eye,
it is unwanted, unexpected, it comes in surprise.

How i wish i could turn back time,
to erase the words I've let go in a snap.
Words unthought about, that wounded hearts,
because of the surprise visit anger has done.

Problems really are blessings in disguise,
but if not handled well,
they're curses ready to charge.
More prepared than we could ever expect

Regret is written all over my soul.
but condemnation is never welcomed for sure.
Forgiveness is the only key,
to these broken hearts I've locked down.

Pride must be offered to God,
to release forgiveness to others and oneself.
Forgiveness is grace given from God,
it shouldn't be taken for granted at any time.

I've learn today,
that problems should be handled with care
or fragile, peaceful hearts,
would be at stake and broken into pieces

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oceans Away

There's this one person i know

whom for sure has no care no more,
We are oceans away from each other,
Communication is as bad as the storms.

Great friendship we had before for sure.
He was my encourager, my inspiration.
He would always cheer me up,
Encourage me with my works.

Now that I'm miles and oceans away,
He shouldn't be my inspiration no more.
Yet i was wrong. I trust him in such a way,
That oceans and miles couldn't break.

Until now its him whom i show my work,
He doesn't reply at times,
But then i still show him with no regrets.
I trust him in away, i couldn't forget.

Our friendship i couldn't explain,
but i like it in a way, that it doesn't end.
He's still my friend, i couldn't care less.
I hope Heavens would send, my care for him.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today is a funny day.

I was thinking about how i would love giving gifts to my future one last night. I usually give gifts to strangers who has touched my life or gave me a deep insight. A lot sees me as weird when i do this, but what can i say? I love appreciating those who pass by my life.

Then i thought that someday when my prince would come, i'll bombard him with gifts. Then i imagined him giving me unique ones and little simple gifts too :)

Then the funniest thing happened today. While i was washing the dishes. I looked out my window still deep in thought, when a yellow unique bird flew at the wire outside my window. It's the kind of bird I don't usually see. No wait. It's the first time i saw a bird like that!XD

It was so yellow, it had a long beak it was small, it had black wings and some white stripes just below its eyes. It's so beautiful, the yellow color was so rich. Then as i smiled, i just felt God whisper, "I sent that for you, do you like it?"






My heart leaped. I was speechless.

There i was thinking what my future prince would give me, when God was already there bombarding me with small simple but rare gifts. God is my king, and it was so sweet of Him to have sent me that little bird. :) 

The best part was when he asked me if i liked it. His whisper was so sweet, it's as if it made my face muscles bring out a very huge smile.

It's one of those days were i could have ignored this little thing, but this time i didn't and i received His gift. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Passing by

Someone I met today.

He's simple, calm, and quiet.

Whenever i hear piano keys,

He's the perfect description.

Each key is a surprise,

Just like his personality,

So many mystery hidden within,

That's exciting to unlock.

A giggle he would present,

that makes me calm at distress,

He's so calm and prince-like,

that makes me smile at times.

My heart took a deep beat,

When he ate my sweets.

Simple it may be,

but who cares, I'm complete.

His works were the best,

He inspired me deep within.

Great beauty i saw,

Written all over his piece.

I know this is not love i feel,

It's an admiration i keep.

He's a good memory to keep,

that would surely make me flip.

So today i thank this mystery man,

for passing by my life today,

it was sure a bliss to have you here,

even if it was just for a day...:)

See you in heaven i know,

there i could love you,

Love you the way i love others,

with no malicious thoughts. :)

Till then, mystery man today,

I hope i see you again. 

Take care on your flight,

I pray for a blissful night.

You Took it All Away

I've drifted away from you long ago,

Never knew what really happened,

But ever since i felt so empty and scared.

Dark clouds of loneliness never left me.

Questions I asked of you what has happened,

I waited and waited, until the dark of dawn,

I finally stopped asking and stopped talking.

I stopped and ran to my friends for help.

My friends where always there,

I actually began ignoring you,

For i thought you were mad at me,

I call out but you don't answer me.

All was okay, until to my great surprise,

Little my little, my friends were fading away.

Even my security and comforts at home faded.

I was so alone again, I am deeply lost, confused.

I kept thinking, "Was it you who took them all away?"

But i believe you would never ever do that to me.

You are not a God who takes happiness away.

All i know is when You close a door, you open a gate.

Suddenly, i found the truth, You took them all away.

You were the one who took all my friends,

You were the one who took my comfort away.

You took it all away, my Lord, You took it away.

You took it away for a reason i didn't see before,

You wanted to take me into a deeper level with you,

That my faith will grow stronger than before.

You wanted to bring me up, not down.

You took them all away for me to see clearly,

That i should depend on you alone,

That despite all my emotions or feelings,

There is a strong foundation of faith in my life.

Now i understand why you were silent,

You were testing me and you knew i could do it.

Now i understand that you never left,

You are actually nearer now than before.

You took them all away that i may see you,

That in every season of my life, its you whom i seek,

That despite all the storms in my life, you are still God.

That  in everything i do, i will worship you.

You took them all away in my life,

I thank you, coz now all i have is you.

Let this passion burn for you,

For you are the reason why I am living today.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here I am at the feet of my Saviour,

Unable to see what is ahead,

Feeling despair and loneliness,

Lost at the path i once walked on.

Somehow my saviour stood before me,

Covering me in His shadows,

Feeling emotions i deeply dislike,

Dark, Depressing, Scary.

I thought my Saviour is walking away,

Long away from me for reasons i never knew.

I cried, I deeply longed for His voice,

He is near, but all is just so dark.

My soul was hungry as ever,

To fight or not to fight is at war,

Faith and Doubt is clashing,

But His Love reigned all of them.

Tears run down my cheeks,

Arrows pierce through my heart,

Anger and confusion crept into my mind,

Desperation reign all of me.

I never tried to look up,

for i was tired and lost,

Unable to find the answers,

to my never ending questions.

Where is He?

Why did He Leave me?

What did I do?

Does He love me?

I fought with my emotions,

Held a strong grip on my faith,

Fought the deep fear in my heart,

I looked up despite the darkness in my life.

As i looked up, i saw a light,

A light that showed great glory and splendor,

I stared at this bright majestic light,

searching the whole figure of this light.

As i scanned through the feet of my Saviour,

I didn't see His back, but rather His front.

HE wasn't walking away, HE was walking nearer.

So near, that His shadow reigned all over me.

He extended a hand and smiled at me,

No word was uttered between us,

But great love and concern i felt within,

The true love of a Saviour seen through His eyes.

As He held my hand, He has brought me to a new path,

A path I am so unfamiliar with,

Yet was filled with angels and great wonders.

I just new He has brought me to a new journey.

He has closed the path of the journey i once walked on,

Bringing me closer to this new level of intimacy.

A new level of hand in hand with my Saviour,

A more powerful and fearsome adventure.

No matter how fearsome this path maybe,

My Saviour will never let go of my hand,

We will walk all through out this road,

With complete Love and Passion for the Father...:)


Random Entry

"Hello Good Day" he says,

a simple word he utters,

that makes my heart flutter.

Amazing feeling isn't it?

The normal things around,

Seem magical when he's there.

Things ignored before,

is now seen in great awe.

In love I am, you say?

Not really, more on the search.

Deep in my heart, it longs,

Longs for a prince she never knew.

Someday i want to feel those emotions,

those fluttering tummy butterflies,

those perfect best days proclaimed,

those meaningful dinners.

But then... I do also know,

that when my heart searches,

my prince would never come.

This is one truth that i love. :)

I love it coz i love surprises.

How can surprises be a surprise,

if it's excitedly expected?

It's not a surprise but rather an expectation.

I want my prince to surprise me,

I don't want to expect him to be perfect.

I want to understand and know him,

i don't want to dictate whom i want him to be.

Someday i know he'd come,

and when that day comes,

He'd be reading this insight,

together with my other poems.

I write all of these from my heart,

to my future prince alone,

that he may know who i truly am,

behind every smile i present.

Senseless entry this is for sure,

but i just can't stop thinking about,

a prince whom i don't know for now.

Someday he'll come when i stop looking for him.

But for the meantime, i will write,

write until the time i get tired of it.

A future prince whom God will give me.

The best of all for sure i know...:)

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