Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Love, My God

You watched me walk alone,
Never took Your eyes away from me,
You never left me as i walked,
Prepared to catch me if I fall.

My Love, My God.
You never left my side.
Even if I thought you did,
You actually never did.

My Love, My God.
Without you my soul is gone,
Without you my life is a wreck,
Without you I am nothing but dust.

My Love, My God.
I missed you so,
Please walk with me,
Side by side forever.

My Love, My God.
You are my first and my last,
Nothing can be compared,
To You in love.

My Love, My God.
Thank you for painting the stars,
For me to see that you care,
That you are watching over me.

My Love, My God.
Thank you for your smile,
That kept me going in life,
That kept me loved .

My Love, My God.
No one can ever take your place,
You belong in my heart alone,
No one else can be there but You.

My Love, My God.
Change my heart and stay inside,
My soul is thirsty for you,
and my body longs for you.

My Love, My God.
Stay inside me forever,
Till the day I see you face to face,
Please take control of my heart.

My Love, My God.
My emotions are all yours,
My thoughts are all yours,
My choices are all yours.

My Love, My God.
Thank you for taking me back,
To your loving arms,
To your wings of grace.

My Love, My God.
Thank you for loving me so. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

God, I've changed.

God I've changed,

Can you still hear me?

I am not the one before,

I've grown up and squandered.

I've lost my faith in you,

And had endless doubts.

God I've changed,

Can you still hear me?

I'm not the same as before,

I don't sing from my heart,

I've lost my interest in you,

But my heart needs you so.

God I've changed,

Can you still hear me?

I don't do my prayers no more,

I've stopped writing letters for you,

I stopped giving my best,

I've come to the end of my road.

God I've changed,

Can you still hear me?

I pray and i pray,

But no answer i can hear,

I know i've brought pain,

Oh God please give me grace.

God I've changed,

Can you still hear me?

I'm not the girl you used to know,

I've lost my way,

I am not as innocent as before,

I am filled in filth and dirt.

God I've changed,

Can you still hear me?

I loved the world more than you,

MY heart is so thirsty oh God,

Can you still hear me dear God?

Can you see my tears from my heart?

God I've changed,

Can you still accept me?

Coz i just realized i can't live without you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Things

Verse 1:

It's the little things that counts,

the silent hellos that you give,

the sweet smile that you flash,

the little thoughts that you share.


It's the little things that matter,

that make my life go wonder.

It's the little things that saves me,

from all these craziness around.

Verse 2:

Say my name out right,

it sure gives me a lift.

Look at me and smile,

I'll flash it back with a blush.


It's the little things that matter,

that make my life go wonder.

It's the little things that saves me,

from all these craziness around.


So please,

Don't ignore the little things,

That make you and I go smile

It's a treasure to keep,

that should be kept sweet.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Expressing Thru Art

Is there a way to express myself thru art?
Too many ideas for me to attain,
Don't know where to start or what to choose.
How can i express my chaotic thoughts?

I want to create beautiful arts,
but how could I possibly do,
when i don't know where to start?
I've got to have a major redo.

Art should be spontaneous,
It should be caught off handed!
It may apply to me and not to you,
Whatever it is, I want to express!

It's time to stop sorting out!
And start expressing what I feel.
Art is all about expressions.
Expressions know no law.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Point

I came to the point into which I've accepted that I could never understand God's Ways. I might know it in His perfect timing or will never know about it till the day that i reconcile with Him :)

That's it.

I've had enough of this.

I know i'm different,
the way i think or express.
I've had enough of this.

Nobody could understand me,
except my family and God.
One or two friends maybe,
but that's it and it ends there.

I'm tired of explaining who I am,
tired of being different.
I've got to blend in and be silent,
and leave my thoughts somewhere else.

I've had enough pains of ignorance,
or misjudgment, of unacceptance.
I am closing my doors of openness,
And let my art express who I am.

Let me close who I am for a year,
All i can do now is listen and be silent.
Give a couple of advices if needed,
but if not, this one must shut up.

I am just so tired of who I am,
But i cannot destroy who I am.
Rather i will adjust and do what i can,
and let God do the rest and the best.

That's it.
It's the end of the rope.
I will keep my thoughts for myself.
It stays that way indefinitely.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love you, I'm sorry

I know this ain't right,

This feeling i have for you

I know it's no sin as well,

But why do i feel so wrong?

I feel like i've created a crime,

That i never expected to do.

It's too late to go back right now,

A second chance is no option at all.

I wanted to be there for you,

As you've been there for me.

Thing is you've never let me in,

No matter how hard i've tried

I know this is wrong,

This is my biggest crime i know,

I love you, I'm sorry.

I am letting go.

A mistake

I like you but i can't love you,

Why must these feelings arise?

I never wanted to end up this way,

But I guess I can't change the facts.

Why does it have to be this way?

To know I've fallen when you faded away.

I didn't know How precious you were,

Till my heart lost sight of you…

I can't stop thinking about,

The times that i was with you.

If only i could erase these mem'ries

Then maybe i could let go.

Thing is I've loved you I'm sorry,

I know it's unfair for you.

Don't worry, I'll keep it all for myself,

I know you'll love someone better than I.

All i could be is a friend,

I know you'll never look back,

It hurts to know it ends up this way,

But hey, it was all a mistake.

Unwanted Feelings

I haven't spoken with you for awhile,

It's been hard for me after you faded.

You don't know this for I was silent,

Coz I didn't want to be a burden to you.

A friend is all i wanted you to be,

But what can i do right now?

I am only a girl who has emotions n such.

I am so sorry for liking you this way.

I have so many questions i want to ask,

Too many for me to even keep,

I want to ask these things sometime,

But i guess it'll ruin the friendship we have.

Why aren't you talking to me anymore?

What did I ever do that made you stop?

Now that you know me, you don't like it?

I know I'm weird, is too much for you?

All i need is for you to be a friend.

But where are you when i needed you?

YOu only talk to me when i have problems,

When i want to share my happiness with you.

You've changed so much lately,

You said you were busy but now you're not.

I know something changed in you so much,

And it hurts me a lot in silence you know.

I don't want to talk to you about these.

I never wanted to be a burden for you.

I guess this friendship is slowly fading,

And everything is my fault i believe.

I have too many memories with you,

And i can't help but look back.

Too much happiness for me to forget,

But right now they're a pain in my heart.

This stupid feelings i have for you,

Ruined everything that I had with you.

I never wanted to end up this way.

But what could i possibly do?

I want to talk to you right now,

Don't know if i can be happy or not.

I just miss the old times that's for sure,

but i guess you'll never be back so soon.

I believe this is the time for me to say "Goodbye"

For these feelings are not so good anymore.

I've got to move on and leave it behind.

I know it's just friendship for you but not mine.

You may never know why I will fade,

You'll never notice it anyway.

I miss you so much and I don't want to see you,

that's the irony when feelings arise.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Relationship with My Environment

The sweet cool breeze of the air

This is what I always look forward to every day.

I am a digital artist and most of my days my computer is what I face.

From time to time I am sucked in into my computer.

Really I feel detached from the world itself.

It’s hard to be sucked in technology,

Sometimes I feel like I lose who and what I am.

But once I open my windows and feel the cool breeze cross through my face,

It wakes me up from this technology illusion I am in.

This sweet cool breeze reminds me that I am alive in the real world,

Breathing, alive and awake.

Honestly, deep within my heart,

I am afraid of losing this cool air I daily enjoy.

I whisper a prayer to God everyday that He will still provide this cool air,

Despite the fact that it is almost ruined by the pollution of the world.

The sweet cool breeze is what I need the most; it’s my treasure,

My fear of losing it provided a way for me to protect it.

As simple as throwing my garbage at the right places,

Or taking care of the plants around my place

Simple as it may seem but I know it creates a change.

I know I’m just a small part of this world,

But I am still a part of this world and I believe change begins,

With me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Am I pretty?

Ama, am I pretty?

Ama do you think this dress is pretty?
Yes it is, but the smile that you wear is prettier than that.

Ama do you think this jewelry is pretty?
Yes it is, but the glee in your eyes are prettier than that.

Ama do you think this flower looks pretty?
Yes it is, but your natural look is prettier than that.

Ama do you think this nail polish looks pretty?
Yes it is, but what your hands create are prettier than that.

Ama do you think this cookie I made is pretty?
Yes it is, but your thoughtfulness is prettier than that.

Ama do you think this song is pretty?
Yes it is, but your voice is prettier than that.

Ama do you think this huggable bear is pretty?
Yes it is, but your sweet hugs are prettier than that.

Ama do you think I'm pretty?
No I don't, because you're far more beautiful just to be called pretty. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


If I was given a chance to be a wife,

And given a husband who is…

A Nurse or a Doctor,

I would gladly visit his lonely patients,

To Spend time, to listen, to sing for them

Lovely songs that would put them to rest.

A Chef or a Baker,

I would gladly offer my creativity,

Offer some colorful icing designs,

Or even package his creations in delight.

A Musician or a Composer,

I would gladly sing his compositions,

Sing along with him when he needs me,

And brew his coffee when he stays up late.

A Writer or an Editor,

I would gladly offer my illustration skills,

Read his writings no matter what,

And bake a cake for him when he is done.

A Potter or an Artisan

I would gladly watch him work,

Play instrumental music to create a mood,

Then advertise his crafts in whatever way i can.

An Athlete or a Coach

I would gladly watch all his games,

Celebrate his win or not hard work,

And create huge banners in support for him

An Actor or a Director

I would gladly watch his rehearsals,

Patiently wait for him whatever goes,

Then cook Dinner for him every night.

An Artist or Digital Artist

I will stay up late with him,

Do the same thing he loves the most,

And give him a hug when he gets frustrated.

Whoever my husband is to be,

I want to be his artist in every way,

Support him in his plans for life,

And never leave his side no matter what.

The bottom line of this is,

I want to be just like my mother. :)

A very loving mother of four,

A supportive wife to my only father.

I can't help but be inspired

With the way she lived her life,

In total support to my father,

No matter what happened she was there.

This poem is for her,

To let her see what she has implanted in me,

She has always been an awesome mother,

And the greatest example of what a wife should be.

I know i can never be the perfect wife,

But one thing is for sure,

I have an amazing mother with me,

Who'd guide me on how to be one :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A woman of worth

She is someone who cares a lot,

In which we greatly take for granted.

Her care is so genuine,

that you and I could not understand.

She is someone who loves to love,

Into which we sometimes think is too much,

A love that we say we don't need right now,

But it is a love that we seriously need forever.

She is someone who thinks of you,

Day and night praying for your safety.

THough you may not know,

She says I love you when your fast asleep.

She is someone who cries for you,

When your tears could no longer fall.

A silent love into which is so loud,

that we easily start to ignore.

She is someone who is loved the least,

Yet gives the greatest love with no exchange.

A love that is so pure and sacrificial,

To the point that death is no longer a fear.

She is a woman of worth, a woman of God.

She is a rare jewel that cannot be duplicated,

Her love is unchangeable, uncrushable.

Who is this woman I talk about?

She's a mother.

My mother, your mother is our greatest treasure,

Appreciate her for she deserves that love,

Remember, she loved you, so so much,

Even before the day that you were born. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

To keep or to Love

Want to keep me? Or love me?

If you want to keep me,

be sure you know your place,

You're my friend

And that won't change.

If you want to keep me,

Don't even try to chase me,

Set me free and let me live,

Don't hold me like you own me.

If you want to keep me,

Stay where you are,

Don't take a step,

That you cannot take back.

If you want to keep me,

Don't you dare touch me,

I know your thoughts,

So don't even dare and try.

If you want to keep me,

Don't provoke me,

Don't take a risk,

that'll end up in regret.

In the other hand.

If you want to love me,

More than you do now,

Be sure you know

What you're getting yourself in.

If you want to love me,

Be sure you'll never leave me,

If you're not sure,

Don't even bother trying.

If you want to love me,

Be prepared to be rejected,

Coz for the courage,

I might keep you still.

If you want to love me,

Don't strangle me,

I won't give you all,

No compromises.

If you want to love me,

Be sure to be careful,

I break easily,

And I'm hard to fix.

If you want to love me,

You gotta chase after me,

It's a tough race,

You better win.

If you want to love me,

You better love Him first,

If you don't,

I'd reject you forever.

What does it take.

What does it take for a woman,
to be worthy of love from a man?
What does it take for a woman,
for his man not to cheat on her?

What does it take for a woman,
to be treated like a gem instead of a toy?
What does it take for a woman,
to be beautiful without his lust?

What does it take for a woman,
to be held with gentleness?
What does it take for a woman,
to be respected as she is?

What does it take for a woman,
for her man to love her endlessly?

What does it really take?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


What does it really take,
To get a hold of your dreams?
To reach it, to hold it, to live it.
What does it really take?

Well, let me tell you,
based on the life that i live,
The life I live in which,
I yearn to grab my dream.

It takes away the norm out of you,
It may seem easy and fast,
But believe me,
It takes more than you can imagine.

If you have a truck of friends,
Dreams will take them one by one,
And leave you a sack of them instead,
Or no, Maybe just a cup.

If you have a comfortable life,
Be sure to know what to keep,
Dreams will take them fast,
And can't take them back.

If you have someone special,
Be sure that he understands you.
Or have the same dream likes yours,
Coz if not, misunderstandings are sure to come.

If you love your friends,
More than your family,
You're taking a huge risk here.
Coz in the end, family is the ones that stay.

If you walk in silver and gold,
Be prepared to walk in burning coals,
Or even broken glasses.
Be prepared do not be reckless.

If you think you could reach it alone,
Give up now coz you'll end up sad.
Reaching dreams ain't just about holding 'em,
It's more than that.

If you think dreams is all that matters,
You might live a very lonesome life.
Never ever step on someone else,
To just get a hold of your dreams.

It's more than the thought of reaching it.
It's the journey that you would take.
It's the ups and downs.
It's the wounds, and the scars, and the tears.

Getting there ain't the end of the road,
It's the beginning of a new path.
Never think that when you get there,
Everything would be a bliss.

Believe me, it'll get tougher and tougher.
Dreams aren't all sparkly and flashy,
It's a responsibility that can drag you down.
Dreams are not happily ever afters.

But one thing i can assure you,
Your Dreams can make a difference,
You dream not for yourself,
But for the people around you.

The weak, the lonely, the tired ones.
They need your dreams to keep them breathing,
Whatever your dreams are,
It'll make a change.

It's your choice if it'll be for good or bad,
But it'll make a change nonetheless.
Grasp what I am saying here,
Your dreams are not for yourself.

Be sure to keep yourself sane.
Keep your feet on the ground,
and never loose faith.
Keep your eyes ahead.

One advice from a dear ol' pal.
There's only one thing that keeps me sane,
One thing that keeps me aiming high,
No matter how i was dragged down,

One thing that kept me happy,
Despite all the pressure and pain.
One thing that kept my dreams alive,
Despite the plans of others to destroy it.

One thing.
And that is Prayers.
Yes. YOu heard me right. Prayers.
Nothing else but prayers.

If there is one thing that can keep you sane,
From this journey of yours to your dreams,
It is the Creator of that dream.
Take it from me.

From a dreamer who've let go of so many things,
Just for the sake of her dreams,
To make a change in this place we're living in,
In this temporary world.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There is a danger in my field of work,

I can get sucked up in the technology.
To live a life like there was no tomorrow,
with no outer sunshine to face.

I need to balance my life for sure,
Or else I'll miss out the joy of life.
I need to get over this addiction I am in,
and see the source of life outside.

Technology can make you stop live,
It can deceive you of real happiness.
It can destroy your dreams and goals,
Once you are hypnotized by it.

So now I will let it go for awhile,
I know its hard but aint as if I'd die.
I need to get the balance of my life,
Or else I'd miss out the gift of life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bedside Song

Sitting on my own bed,

Wanting to write a song,

To someone I don't even know who.

I just want to write that's all.

Melodies that I want to sing,

But don't really know where to begin.

There's a song inside of me,

Wanting to come out in perfect melody.

La La La La La,

Do i begin with these words?

Or should I rather say what's in my heart.

I want to sing out loud,

I don't have a song I know,

But there's something in me,

That wants to come out and sing.

So I will sing La La La La La,

Even if there's no point.

La La La La La to you and me,

Let's just sing La La La La La.

I know it's weird, I know its lame,

But I want to sing, that's all i know,

So sing with me if you want to,

Even with my senseless lyrics.

La La La La La La

I will sing this song over again.

La La La La La La

Sing with me and let your heart afloat.

Just let it out, Just hum a tune,

It doesn't have to be perfect,

Just Sing it out and for sure,

Somewhere, somewhat,

You'll find the right words,

and find your perfect song. :)

Technology Maze

I stare at the screen of my computer,

Wanting to do something productive,

But can't seem to get my butt off it.

It's as if I am hooked into it.

I wait and I wait.

Waiting for people in perfect patience.

Getting stuck in front of my computer,

While time is ticking without my control.

Please I want a life,

Get me out of this maze I am in,

There's a huge world out there,

That is waiting for me to discover.

Tell me how, Tell me when.

I want to get out of this maze I'm in.

I want to run I want to climb I want to fly,

Please save me from this endless maze.

Please tell me how to get out of this maze,

Time is ticking and I'm missing my life,

There's a lot to discover,

Please save me from this maze I am in.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More than this

There's got to be something deeper,

Something brighter than each passing day.
There's got to be something bigger,
Bigger than this small space I am in.

I want to go out and see the world,
I want to run out my room on bare foot.
I want to jump through my window
and fly across the neighborhood.

I know there's something bigger than this,
Bigger than this tiny world of mine.
I got to get out of my box,
I got to get out of my box,
And see the world
without walls.

Behind every window I see,
Is a girl who wants to come out,
It's the spirit in them,
the adventure they long for.

There's got to be more than this,
There's got to be more than that,
It the shout of every heart,
It's the cry of every soul.

Everyone was made for an adventure,
it's a matter of choice if they'll run after it,
To get out of their own comfort zone,
And take the risk of falling down at first.

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