Thursday, June 25, 2009


Packages sent from heaven,

Are daily gifts filled with love,

To have it in your hands,

Is a choice you must wisely make.

Packages sent from above,

Are commonly ignored by daily routines.

One must take a silent pause,

To see the beauty heaven has brought.

Packages sent from Heaven,

Are filled with memories of the past,

Filled with laughters and tears,

That heaven would never forget.

Packages sent form above,

Are sent by angels unseen by the eyes,

Covered by their mighty wings,

That no storm could delay.

Packages sent from heaven,

Are sent with a purpose in perfect timing,

Some are wrapped with prayers,

Some with deep anointed worship.

So have you received your package today?

Don't miss it or you'll drop your smile.

These packages are meant to be opened,

On the day it was sent from Heaven. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It's funny how a simple smile,
from a dear old friend,
would make my heart skip a beat,
and never want to leave.

It's funny how a simple "Hi",
could make me want to stay,
and cancel all my plans,
and stay with that friend.

It's funny how a simple pat,
could make me want to smile,
that comes from the heart,
that would never seem to fade.

It's funny how my feet won't move,
Once i am beside that friend of mine.
How my thoughts would jump,
From one happy memory to another.

Unforgettable moments,
Flashing before my thoughts,
that makes me want to talk and laugh,
as if tomorrow won't come.

It's funny how a friend, or friends,
would lead me to happiness,
without them doing a thing or two.
Just being with them, is enough.

It's funny how this joy inside,
would never fade at all,
Even if we've said our farewells,
On this busy day.

These feelings rushed into my veins,
with just seeing a friend for a few minutes,
A few minutes that refreshed my mind,
and gave me joy like no other could give.

That's the gift of a friend.
Just being there, a smile or a pat,
could turn a hectic busy normal day,
Into an extraordinary joyful memory :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's one of those days again.

Recently i met a prophet,
God showed me my future,
through this great prophet.
A bright future i have indeed.

Though, there is one thing,
that greatly caught my attention,
Something i never expected to hear,
but was said to me on that day.

27 he said... when i turn 27,
That's when i'll get married.
Yeah, i was breathless for a second,
Diverse thoughts flashed like thunder.

19 I am right now,
Happily single and loving life,
I wonder what life would be,
In between these years of mine.

I wonder, is he safe?
Is he waiting for me to come?
Or has he given up waiting for me?
Can he wait? can he?

Questions i could never answer,
Only God knows for sure.
I lay him all in God's hands,
to keep him safe and pure.

This is a long journey for me,
A journey of challenges,
of self-control,
of obedience.

I pray that i could manage,
to stand on my own feet,
until the day that we'll meet.
8 years isn't such a long time.

But the journey in between,
is an adventure worth to keep.
A journey of faith and obedience,
Of passion and fire for God.

Honestly, I can't wait,
Till the day that we would meet.
I wonder if he feels the same,
to a future that is unseen. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Notebook in Pink Ink

Prayers i wrote down,

On a simple notebook on my bed,

written in pink colored ink,

Simple yet covered with faith.

I wrote as if i was talking to God,

Wrote with joy and expectation,

With faith and excitement,

with love and fulfillment.

Never cared what the world would think,

it's written on my simple notebook,

that only my loving God could see,

a place where i could commune with Him.

I love my notebook in pink ink,

Coz there i could read my answered prayers,

Prayers written in faith, covered with love,

written in letters, embedded in the heart.

God answered every thing i wrote,

Answered not in years, but in days,

No, not even days, but hours.

God answers in love and perfect timing. 

I can see the greatness of God,

on my notebook in pink ink,

I saw His care and great love,

in the little details of my life.

God is real,

I can prove it for sure,

with my notebook in pink ink,

surely you'll be amazed.

Though i don't need to prove a thing,

coz it can happen in your life as well,

just have the child like faith,

forget about the world and focus on Him.

Try jolting down your thoughts,

maybe in blue black or green ink,

it doesn't really matter at all ,

as long as you have the faith.

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