Thursday, March 25, 2010

To keep or to Love

Want to keep me? Or love me?

If you want to keep me,

be sure you know your place,

You're my friend

And that won't change.

If you want to keep me,

Don't even try to chase me,

Set me free and let me live,

Don't hold me like you own me.

If you want to keep me,

Stay where you are,

Don't take a step,

That you cannot take back.

If you want to keep me,

Don't you dare touch me,

I know your thoughts,

So don't even dare and try.

If you want to keep me,

Don't provoke me,

Don't take a risk,

that'll end up in regret.

In the other hand.

If you want to love me,

More than you do now,

Be sure you know

What you're getting yourself in.

If you want to love me,

Be sure you'll never leave me,

If you're not sure,

Don't even bother trying.

If you want to love me,

Be prepared to be rejected,

Coz for the courage,

I might keep you still.

If you want to love me,

Don't strangle me,

I won't give you all,

No compromises.

If you want to love me,

Be sure to be careful,

I break easily,

And I'm hard to fix.

If you want to love me,

You gotta chase after me,

It's a tough race,

You better win.

If you want to love me,

You better love Him first,

If you don't,

I'd reject you forever.

What does it take.

What does it take for a woman,
to be worthy of love from a man?
What does it take for a woman,
for his man not to cheat on her?

What does it take for a woman,
to be treated like a gem instead of a toy?
What does it take for a woman,
to be beautiful without his lust?

What does it take for a woman,
to be held with gentleness?
What does it take for a woman,
to be respected as she is?

What does it take for a woman,
for her man to love her endlessly?

What does it really take?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


What does it really take,
To get a hold of your dreams?
To reach it, to hold it, to live it.
What does it really take?

Well, let me tell you,
based on the life that i live,
The life I live in which,
I yearn to grab my dream.

It takes away the norm out of you,
It may seem easy and fast,
But believe me,
It takes more than you can imagine.

If you have a truck of friends,
Dreams will take them one by one,
And leave you a sack of them instead,
Or no, Maybe just a cup.

If you have a comfortable life,
Be sure to know what to keep,
Dreams will take them fast,
And can't take them back.

If you have someone special,
Be sure that he understands you.
Or have the same dream likes yours,
Coz if not, misunderstandings are sure to come.

If you love your friends,
More than your family,
You're taking a huge risk here.
Coz in the end, family is the ones that stay.

If you walk in silver and gold,
Be prepared to walk in burning coals,
Or even broken glasses.
Be prepared do not be reckless.

If you think you could reach it alone,
Give up now coz you'll end up sad.
Reaching dreams ain't just about holding 'em,
It's more than that.

If you think dreams is all that matters,
You might live a very lonesome life.
Never ever step on someone else,
To just get a hold of your dreams.

It's more than the thought of reaching it.
It's the journey that you would take.
It's the ups and downs.
It's the wounds, and the scars, and the tears.

Getting there ain't the end of the road,
It's the beginning of a new path.
Never think that when you get there,
Everything would be a bliss.

Believe me, it'll get tougher and tougher.
Dreams aren't all sparkly and flashy,
It's a responsibility that can drag you down.
Dreams are not happily ever afters.

But one thing i can assure you,
Your Dreams can make a difference,
You dream not for yourself,
But for the people around you.

The weak, the lonely, the tired ones.
They need your dreams to keep them breathing,
Whatever your dreams are,
It'll make a change.

It's your choice if it'll be for good or bad,
But it'll make a change nonetheless.
Grasp what I am saying here,
Your dreams are not for yourself.

Be sure to keep yourself sane.
Keep your feet on the ground,
and never loose faith.
Keep your eyes ahead.

One advice from a dear ol' pal.
There's only one thing that keeps me sane,
One thing that keeps me aiming high,
No matter how i was dragged down,

One thing that kept me happy,
Despite all the pressure and pain.
One thing that kept my dreams alive,
Despite the plans of others to destroy it.

One thing.
And that is Prayers.
Yes. YOu heard me right. Prayers.
Nothing else but prayers.

If there is one thing that can keep you sane,
From this journey of yours to your dreams,
It is the Creator of that dream.
Take it from me.

From a dreamer who've let go of so many things,
Just for the sake of her dreams,
To make a change in this place we're living in,
In this temporary world.

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