Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tiny kindness, Huge happiness

I went to volunteer in a radio station... Then I went on time but apparently, the boss was having a meeting..>_<

And i don't like waiting for so long.. so i was bored so i did so many things to keep myself active...^^ Until i was really bored..i was making weird sounds already... So i was kind of annoyed coz i wasnt doing anything...

Finally the boss's meeting was done! So we got to talk, and i met this guy who was nice and he's older than me, he was a kuya to me. Then the boss asked us to bring in some chairs...So i brought mine, then i was wondering why this guy that i met was bringing two chairs... I didn't really mind so i just went in with my chair...To know that the chair he brought was for me! I stood there for awhile and didn't know what to do.. In the end i just sat on the chair i brought in beside the 'supposedly chair for me'.

I was happy for his care. He was such a gentleman, and that made me happy... Knowing that there are still guys out there who value the respect women really needs... It really made my day, even if i was at the tip of getting depressed...

His gentlemanliness, drove away the annoyance in my heart. He may not know it, but he has blessed me by simply showing that small act of kindness...^^

Sunday, June 22, 2008


"Lord, I know you're there..."

These are the first words that i would usually utter when i need God... When i am at a situation that i need someone to save me, when i'm in a situation where i just want to disppear or be invinsible...

Lately i had emotional attacks... I was having dilemmas concerning friendship and family. I was actually in the verge of breaking down. I wanted to disappear and just be invinsible. I actually did it awhile go while i was in church. I wasn't really minding people that much and i didn't talk to my churchmates. I was pretending to be "invinsible."

I was really thinking deeply what's wrong with me, i realized that its because of my emotions... I miss my friends so much from manila and i just wanted my old life back. I needed my friends whom i had been with since i was born. My childhood friends who knows me inside and out... I deeply was in need of them. I was actually questioning God already...

"If you have a purpose for me here, why do still make me miss them?"

"Why did i have to go on my last year of highschool?!"

"I can't take this anymore, why are you making me feel this way?..."

"Is this part of your Will that i suffer emotionally?"

"I thought you'll help me, why can't i let go until now?!"

Questions such as these was haunting my mind recently... and well today was the day i was about to breakdown. Break down as in going back to my 'rebellious' self... but then... God didn't let that happen. He reminded me of one of my devotions with Him that i was supposed to watch the movie "Prince of Egypt" an animation based in the life of Moses. My devotion at theat time was about great faith...

So i watched despite my arrogant prideful attitude.

As i watched the movie, one situation that really struck me was, when Moses had to follow God and turn away from Ramses, his brother, the Pharaoh.

When i watched that scene before, i'd always be in tears inside my heart. Moses had that palace as a home before, he was with his brother he was playing with Ramses all his life. They both got into trouble, they had tears and smiles at that place. Moses was taken care of in that place with great love, he was the Prince of Egypt. Moses and Ramses would have fun on the rooms of that palace, or even play hide and seek in that place, they all ate together in that palace... What I'm trying to say is... Moses grew up in that palace, his memories with Ramses was carved in his heart and then in the end, he had to turn away from Ramses. He had to turn away from that 'home' that he once had...no... he didn't turn away, he destroyed it.

When Ramses' son died, he let Moses and his people go; and the scene that really struck me was... When Moses fell on the floor of that palace. He fell on his knees, crying his heart out.

I could imagine the pain he was going through at that time. Remembering all the memories all the tears and laughter, all the love... He was going through such pain. It was against his emotions to do those things to Ramses, his brother...his bestfriend, but he chose to follow the Will of God rather than ease his emotions.

He chose to follow God and bring restoration and healing to his people, and for the coming generations. He chose to follow God rather than follow his emotions. He let go of one important person in his life and it brought joy to millions of people. He chose not to be dictated by his emotions but rather placed his full faith in God even if it brought him great pain and suffering.

But in the end, despite the great pain and suffering he received, God blessed his entire life and his people. It was a short pain that gave him an ever lasting joy.

I can relate to Moses in such a way. I left manila, i left my friends, i left my dreams there, i left a part of me in there. And just like Moses when i transffered here in Davao, I am a new person, at first people didn't like or didn't know me, but now i have a lot of friends here. They may not be as deep as i had in manila, but then again, God brought me here and i do believe He has a great purpose for me...

Even if i am suffering deep inside, even if i have so much pain in my heart, all i could hold onto now is His promise to me. "That He has a great purpose for my life"....

I've been praying for God to release my heart from my friends in Manila. I was wondering why He wasn't answering my prayer, but i remembered that the Hebrews were praying for their freedom for YEARS and i mean years. Hope was taken away from their hearts, and yet, God didn't forget them, Moses had a purpose.

"Pharaoh can take your shelter, your food, He can even take your children, your freedom, and in a snap he could take your very life... but one thing he cannot take away from you, is your faith."

Its not the exact words, but this phrase that Moses said, really spoke into my heart. Right now my Pharaoh is my emotions... my circumstance, my problems. I have no idea how to fix them! and honestly, its hopeless for me. I want to give up, i want to run away, but there is no way out. All i have right now with me, is my faith. My faith, my prayers....

God hasn't answered my prayers concerning of my letting go of my friends, but i do know that he hears me. I mean i've been praying for my unbeliever friends! and slowly they are accepting Christ in their hearts one by one...

Just now, i thought, if i was manila would i be able to share the gospel to these people? Whom God loves so much?... would i even be able to open my mouth to evangelize for God?! I don't think so... Now i could really see that God has a purpose for me in this place after all.

I have the power to go back to manila and be with my friends there and live the way I want to live and be released from this pain, but i'd rather be like Moses and put my emotions behind me and look at the greater purpose God has given me.

It hurts, it is still making me suffer, i don't know if i'll ever get over this, but one thing i am sure of, my faith is in God and He will NEVER let me down...^_^

Monday, June 16, 2008

Outside My Window...

Recenlty God has proven Himself real to me, real meaning that He IS listening to me... :) Let's just say i prayed a prayer and He answered it without me even praying about it... :)

I just know my life is changing step by step... Slowly He is bringing excitement and fun into my life. I know slowly I am reaching His purpose in my life... He's actually strengthening my faith right now, and my my my, it is a very hard and challenging stage of my life...o.o....

Hmmm... I was just imagining that behind my windows... outside my windows... There's a huge world out there, waiting for me to discover it. Waiting for me to discover the secrets and mysteries of life. Surely God created the Heavens and the earth with great beauty and mystery, and imagine, being able to uncover a secret God has placed on this very land i am living in...

I want to go out of my window and see the world the way God sees it... :) Surely my life would be a living adventure every single day, every single time i wake up... :D

But then again, everything starts at home. So until i find home an exciting place to be in, i would never see the world as exciting as it should look like... :) For God works at home, where my family is... :D

Love God, Love your home, Love your family, and surely you'll love life.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have earrings galore! I am so having so much fun with making these sets... ahihi they're like all animals..>_<

I am so having fun and not to mention that i had a friend to do it along with me... :) Her name is Ate Rachel and well, she's really fun to be with. Learned a lot from her, from sculpeys to spiritual stuff... I really had a great time and not to mention i was laughing nonstop! i love it!:D

I am on my way to make more now actually ahihihi so imma blog sooner or later... i have insights today, not to mention i loved my devotion!:D

Proverbs 6: 16-19

there are six things that God hates and seven that are detestable before Him.
haughty eyes
a lying tongue
hands that shed innocent blood
a heart that devises wicked schemes
feet that are quick to rush into evil
a false witness who pours out lies
and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.

I love this verse! gotta work on the haughty eyes!>_<

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Men. period.

I hate to admit it, but yeah i think i'm beginning to be boy crazy again. Then i wondered why. It's because i've been lazy recently.

Being lazy makes my brain lazy as well, leading to endless thinking and endless slouching. Leading me to think about nonsense things like boys! ~_~

I'm not saying boys are nonsense, but thinking about them endlessly IS nonsense...just imagine a guy that only thinks about girls.

I came to a conclusion to stick to only one guy for now. I'm sticking to a brother of a friend of mine who lives in another country. That way, feelings won't develop and longing of the other gender won't increase..:D

I mean that's what i did with Kyle, I liked him up until yesterday and that paved a way for me to be single for almost 6 years... :D cool huh? So yeah i'm sticking to this guy and it'll end my boy crazy and let me focus on God.

I want God to be the center of my heart. Not boys... :) I can't do this alone i know, but I can do this with God!:D *w00t*

Little Sculptures!

Finally! I got to create earrings now... :D it's like 75 each! Yahoo!

Anyway I had an uber fun day with shobe and kyodai, haha it was really funny, we found a Pikachu sculpture that looks so funny! it's so distorted!!!! LOL!

Eherm... I had a good devotion this morning and i just realized i should wake up earlier to pray... Coz it's most quiet at dawn... I could hear God clearer in that way... :)

I am going to ask Him about our business called 'Shtuff'. If it'll be a success or if it'll just be a past time... But i do hope it'll be a success! I mean hey! It's ART! and basically art is our life (I mean the three of us)... I think...xD

That's it! I will go to a Bible study tonight!:D and about the crushes... I'm really having a hard time on that!XD Not to mention that i like shobe's cuzins!XD Oh well, oh well... See what i mean? but yeah, I'm trying, and i know i can do it... ^__^

Shobe! HELP me!XD haha

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Job? or an Exam?

For several days now, no weeks, i haven't been myself. I have been a lazy slouch ever since after my 18th birthday and well i haven't been active and haven't been a blessing to my family.

Honestly speaking, i don't like who i am right now. I am not walking my talk. I just hate it when i do that. I've been thinking too much lately and not being able to act much...

I wanted to do a lot of things to the point that i am not doing anything anymore! I'm hopeless... I can't do anything... Only God can help and fix my laziness dilemma..

I was really wondering what is up with me... Then after watching several inspirational movies and my debut vcd... I realized that I am missing something.. Something important to me... I'm missing my social life. I'm missing school. I miss studying. I miss meeting new friends. I miss challenges...

I want to be back in school, i think i don't want to be in a company.

I know that i would have vacation until october, so i asked my parents if i could work somewhere... and now that they finally found a company, i'm feeling nervous about it... I know it'll help me big time, but it'll eat up my time and well, i'm not sure if i'm ready to work. I'm still a teen, and i want to study.

This circumstance, made me think of my friends who work and doesn't go to school. At first i was like "How i wish i was in their shoes" i mean earning money and all; but i realized that they're missing a lot and it's very hard on them...

I never thought how they would feel if i didn't even went through it. I'm thankful that i did go through it, but then again I am still pressured...

I don't know what is really up with me, but yeah, i can't do anything anymore, only God can put me back on the right track... All i can do now is to kneel and pray, and wait for God's answer...

A job or an exam? I would gladly take an exam with friends, than a job without fun... BUt hey i am open to having a part-time job, i mean i can also meet (older) friends there and well i can have experience. :D so i want to have a part time job too! I'm just scared...

BUt i also want to go to school with students having the same age as i do... but that seems impossible now, I have a different lifestyle and well, i have to be happy on what i have and create excitement and difference on what i have now, even if its hard or it means giving up a lot of things... :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Errr, First Love??

It's our family fun day in our church today. Had so much fun! Not to mention that we won champion in the volleyball... Though overall we were last... Ahihi but atleast we got 1st in volley!~

Anyway, I was so focused on the games... Until I saw someone who looked like exactly Kyle (not his real name) whom i liked sooo000oooo much in manila. The guy really reminds me of Kyle... The way he played basketball was just like Kyle... Then as I was watching him play basketball, my friends teased me to his teammate, Fritz (not his real name) which I confessed to the whole youth group that i like. I do like Fritz but maybe because of my uber big mouth that spread the word to the whole group, made me just uber distant from him.

I still admire Fritz's looks and his personality, but that's admiration and nothing else. Nothing deeper unlike Kyle.

I've liked Kyle for more than 6 years up until now. He's still the one in my heart, though I didn't get to know him well, but I did have my kilig moments with him a lot of times, and not to mention that he did like me before too! Hahah ironic i say... but then, it is still shallow i know...

Made me just realize that I have never fallen inlove yet.

Though i have never fallen inlove yet, i did have tons of crushes. Like there was even a time where i had a 'Flavor of the month'! it's really funny... But i guess its something about my artistic mind or i am just plain blunt to admit that i do get attracted to the opposite gender everyday (which is the truth with every man/women in this world).

I just realized how shallow i was towards men!XD and to think that i had an M.U. with a few men and to think that was already love! Haha... Anyway... I don't know i think i'm just in this stage into which i seek for the opposite gender's attention.

And oh yeah before i forgot there where other two men whom I had a loong(and i mean years) M.U. with... Haha good thing they didn't know how to court! One of them i almost said "yes" to; good thing it didn't work out or else i would be guilty of having my first boyfriend with a shallow motive or feeling.

I had to admit several guys did court me when i was younger, but now that I am getting older (Man i can't believe i just said that!) no one is even daring to talk to me! Hay...

One more dilemma of mine is, what I like about a guy is his seriousness, and here i am Ms. childish girl who's been always mistaken for an elementary kid. I guess no man would really take me seriously. *sigh* Oh well, guessing its not yet my time...

I have to admit... At times i do want to have someone to court me; but then again God knows best if i can handle it or not. So all i will do now is trust in Him and love Him first...:)

Anyway back to that guy whom I admired for today. He doesn't even know me... Not even by name I believe. I even tried to ask his name! Good thing something deep inside me stopped me from making a great fool out of myself. I really wanted to know him, but rather than make some silly moves, i just prayed for him. I asked God to make a way for him to be my friend; but I am placing it all in His hands. So yeah... He knows what is best for me... :)

I have to admit, I am still immature about this 'men' or 'love' thing... Though one thing i know, I'm still young and I am enjoying my singlehood!:D Though i do want to grow up....^^;;...

So, I'm stopping on focusing on my daily crushes but rather thank God for creating such attractive and wonderful men... :D To not think of attracting the opposite gender, but to be simply being Me..:D I am all free and open now, no guys in my heart, except God and God alone... :) Oh yeah, not open to any courtship neither! Only friendship... Haha...xD
Right now, I am falling more deeper and deeper with God, and i do believe i can find no happiness and joy more than loving God with all my heart...:)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Life, My Miracle

I asked my dad to write what happened to me when i almost died when i was seven years old... and this is what he wrote. I asked him to write this to me, to remind me of God's undeserved love and His sweet smile...

When Jesus Visited Shiriel

You were only seven years old when you were afflicted by an atypical dengue fever. After we brought you to the hospital due to consistently high fever, the doctors for the next two days couldn't give an accurate diagnosis of your illness. They suggested one kind of disease after another as each diagnostic test revealed something new. Finally when they saw the platelet count going down rapidly, that's when they realized it was dengue. One of the doctors reported to me: "Your daughter is the first case of what we call atypical dengue in this hospital."

Due to delayed diagnosis, internal bleeding had already started in your body. We anxiously watched you as you slept most of the time for those three days due to high fever and exhaustion over the pains and stress in your body. As the internal bleeding progressed, you would wake up from time to time just to utter moans due to the pains you were feeling inside of you. This caused us much anguish as we watched you begin to turn to a pale color.

The most agonizing moan that we would hear from you was when you would utter in an exhausted, broken voice and with your eyes still closed because of pain: "Di ko na kaya. Ayoko na. Pagod na ako." And then you would succumb back to sleeping out of sheer exhaustion. This happened almost every 15 - 20 minutes during that third day.

We couldn't bear looking at you as your whole body squirmed when a tube was finally placed through your nose down through your throat to your abdomen to suck out blood from the inside. We were shocked to see the bleeding inside of you successively fill up three separate plastic packs! That was a lot of blood, telling us that your internal bleeding has already done a lot of damage inside!

That third night you were finally given platelet transfusion after a whole day of waiting for those packs. It was during that night that both ina and I were agonizing in prayer for you, even more than the first two days. Your ina, as a mother, was agonizing more for you than I could ever be. I told the Lord that I was not ready yet for Him to take you, that I wanted you back to me and ina.

Jesus heard that prayer. Just before midnight, as I was taking a nap by your bedside, I was suddenly awakened and felt an urge to open my Bible. As I opened it, Psalm 46 was right there in front of me. My eyes fell on verse 5, as if guided by someone telling where to read:

Psalms 46:5

"God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day."

I couldn't believe what I was reading as I felt that God was speaking to me about you. I asked in mixed excitement and surprise: "Lord, is this really You speaking to me? Is this about Shiriel? I really want to know for sure. Please confirm Lord. Thank You."

I waited but soon found myself sleeping out of exhaustion. Around past midnight, I was suddenly awakened by a strong presence at your bedside. When I looked up I saw the Lord Jesus standing at the foot of your bed, with the most beautiful, gentle smile on His face as He was looking at you with such loving eyes. I gasped, and I said, "Lord!"

He didn't look at me yet as He kept looking at you with those loving and gentle eyes. That beautiful smile on His face told me everything: how fond He was of you, how dear you were to His heart, how precious you were in His eyes.

He then turned to me with that loving, gentle smile and told me in a clear, gentle voice as He spoke to my mind in those most unforgettable words: "Do not be afraid. Tomorrow she will be well."

He was gone in the next moment. I couldn't wait for morning to come. After reflecting on what I saw and heard, I fell asleep again.

Your ina was already awake when I woke up around 6 A.M. just to see you wake up and suddenly sit up, looking around. Your natural color was back, and the first words that came out of your mouth was, "Ama ... ina ... gusto ko ng ice cream!"

It was a miracle! Those three days of agony were over as we saw you back to yourself again! Shiriel is back! Thank you Jesus!

Your doctor arrived late that morning to check you up. I saw her look at you with surprise, looked at your records, and back at you, I think around three times, as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing and reading at the same time. After a while of checking with the nurses with her she said to me, "It seems that your daughter has recovered very quickly. We'll observe her for one more day, and if everything goes well, she can go home."

Thank you Jesus! The next day you were discharged from the hospital.

To God be the glory!

Then when i opened the music player in my pc right now... the song "Look what love has done" by Jaci Velasquez... The tempo, the lyrics, His presence... just wow...

I couldn't help, but create a huge smile... I mean... haha I'm basically out of words...



I so wana make my characters already!!!!!!!!!....

Hmm..i'm so messed up right now...I'm utterly confused...

Logging out...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Days

Haha i haf a business now! it's printing personalized shirts! it's so cool...~~;

I get to sell my art!!! but must start with a very low price, like 50 pesos or such..:D

But all i can say is, God saw my need, and He paved a way for this idea... Wow, He's such a father..n.n i mean i never thought i could sell shirts already THIS fast!XD i mean, they've ordered out of no where! and well, the place where we print my arts for the church is thinking of taking me! Wee! i might have a part time job soon! *giggle*

Off to draw now! Toodles!:D

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Days...^__^

This is like one of the bestest days of my life!!!:D i'm just so happy to the point i'm typing like speed racer is driving!!

My bestfriend just accepted Christ into her heart... Happy days, happy days..:D and she experienced God today in a very amazing and memorable way...huwa..i'm like so blessed and inspired...:)

I feel fired up now! Im going to share more and more and more! so i can seemorepeople in Heaven and God would be uber happy too!!! *boogie*

Huwaa...watta day...

And i got to learn so many things from my neesan, i am just soamazedhow little i still know... and i wana learn more, and more, and more!

Inspired + Fired + Encouraged + Used by God = Complete Joy

...I love this day *faints*

My List! ^___^

Things to do before I go out:

  • Ã To have a servant heart
    Ã To love my mom
    Ã To love my little sister
    Ã More time with family than friends
    Ã Create a Manga and sell them in Manila
    Ã Go to Manila and create closure
    Ã Go to Manila and sell comics & Prints for Fund Raising
    Ã Work at least for a month!
    Ã Worship lead in the sanctuary
    Ã Worship lead in Sunday School
    Ã Share the Gospel to all my unbeliever friends
    Ã Write at least 20 songs
    Ã Create my own album
    Ã Disciple 3 teens
    Ã On my trip to manila, visit hospitals
    Ã To have a powerful praying spirit
    Ã To have a heart thirsty to worship God
    Ã Write the summary of my whole story, chapter by chapter
    Ã Create an art book of 20 pages with deep meanings
    Ã Create small (very small) booklets of sharing God’s Word w/ art
    Ã Sell some of my clothing or give it away
    Ã Finish Reading all my books
    Ã Revise the 4 spiritual laws
    Ã Be of Help in the ministries of the church
    Ã Finish all the profiles of my characters
    Ã Be responsible
    Ã Consistency of devotions
    Ã Strengthen Faith
    Ã Learn Chinese or Japanese
    Ã Share the word of God, DAILY

Things I have to let go, to go out:

  • Ã Cosplay Dreams
    Ã Spending money with new clothes
    Ã Spending money on unnecessary art materials
    Ã Buying of Manga
    Ã Watching too much Anime
    Ã Timidity
    Ã Laziness
    Ã Several Friends
    Ã Buying of unnecessary things
    Ã Anime mindset
    Ã My own comfort
    Ã Internet (Chat & Surfing) Only chat once a week and blog daily
    Ã Fashion

A list to Pray for:

  • Ã Flight Tickets to Manila
    Ã Flight Tickets to Hong Kong for the Christmas Outreach
    Ã Funds for the art books and prints
    Ã Time to do everything on time
    Ã A clear path
    Ã A Servant Heart
    Ã Focus
    Ã Supporters
    Ã Courage
    Ã Faith
    Ã Commitment & Dedication
    Ã Schedule to be written and followed
    Ã School of Worship
    Ã Christmas Outreach
    Ã Leadership skills
    Ã Wisdom

"A woman has to do what she has to do"

Sprained knee, in depth wisdom.

It’s funny to know that I only see my world outside my window. Thinking that this is how far I could go. Doing my daily walk with God, eating, dieting, going out with friends, using the computer…you know, the normal things, normal teens do.

But, was I meant to be normal? If I was… then why is there so much passion in my heart that whispers to my soul “Outside your window, is a huge sky, that reaches to the ends of the earth… Go out and reach it!”

Something inside me keeps on telling me that I am not meant to sit on my own bed, on my own home, on my own village, on my own country. I am meant to go out and reach out. I am not even meant to spend my own money on myself, I am not meant to use my gifts for myself, I am not meant to live the normal way.

I am meant, to live the way God wants to.

Walking in the unknown streets, living in other places, using the most unsanitary toilets, speaking in front of crowds, dancing, leading worship by myself, going to ‘skwaters’ rather than the mall, buying little food for myself, spending more money in missions, being responsible and healing people in faith. I may say, this is not me, if I do theses things it would really not be me no more… but I once heard someone say, “Yeah, it won’t be you anymore, but it would be God in you.”

It’s really not about me, its not about what I want, what I desire, what I plan for… but its all about God, God’s plans, God’s blessings, God’s calling.

Here I am sitting in front of my computer, having internet, showering my thought down to blogging, enjoying the serenity of my surrounding… and yet, at this very moment, at this very minute, this very second, people are dying… Old and young, dying at this very moment… Maybe somewhere here in Davao someone has died. In Africa, in Canada, in Japan, in Korea, in China… thousands and thousands of people die, are dying at this moment… and only one question has been running back and forth in my mind..

“Will they go to Heaven?...”

Thousands and thousands die… how many has gone to Heaven?.. Are there more in Heaven, or more in Hell?...

At this very moment, all I could think of are my friends...

Enzo, Patricia, Kat, Zhel, Shane, Marcel, Chris, Angelo, JayJay, Momo, Mudsi, Karen, Ralph, Kyrie, Kyra, Galileo, Josh, Stephen, James, Nikko and so much more…

What if they die today? Where do they go? Will I see them in Heaven later on? Or I won’t find them anywhere because of my timidity?...

I do believe the fact that they are my friends only means one thing… I am responsible to share to them the key to Heaven… but because of my timidity and laziness, I can’t do a thing… Because I am afraid, I am afraid that they would laugh at me…I am afraid that they won’t accept me no more, I am afraid that they would reject this key that I must share

But I do believe it is time, time to share, to stand up and kill this fear; Time to face reality and accept the persecution; Time to forget about myself and to think of other people; Time to lose friends and win souls to Christ; Time to accept that I am not normal, I am different.

If I can’t win souls for Christ here in my comfort zone… What more outside the world? To go out, is to step out, to step out is to finish where I am standing on first.

It is not like me to share the Gospel to my friends and to risk to lose them, but it’s already God using me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last's New Beginning

Ihave been looking for a perfect blog.. and well I just came to realize that there is nosuchthing
So I finally decided to just stick to this one and write everyday..
Is it just me or did I just decide on something right now? Ahehe..:) But anyway all I can say is,
right now I am perfectly satisfied...:)

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