Wednesday, May 19, 2010


If I was given a chance to be a wife,

And given a husband who is…

A Nurse or a Doctor,

I would gladly visit his lonely patients,

To Spend time, to listen, to sing for them

Lovely songs that would put them to rest.

A Chef or a Baker,

I would gladly offer my creativity,

Offer some colorful icing designs,

Or even package his creations in delight.

A Musician or a Composer,

I would gladly sing his compositions,

Sing along with him when he needs me,

And brew his coffee when he stays up late.

A Writer or an Editor,

I would gladly offer my illustration skills,

Read his writings no matter what,

And bake a cake for him when he is done.

A Potter or an Artisan

I would gladly watch him work,

Play instrumental music to create a mood,

Then advertise his crafts in whatever way i can.

An Athlete or a Coach

I would gladly watch all his games,

Celebrate his win or not hard work,

And create huge banners in support for him

An Actor or a Director

I would gladly watch his rehearsals,

Patiently wait for him whatever goes,

Then cook Dinner for him every night.

An Artist or Digital Artist

I will stay up late with him,

Do the same thing he loves the most,

And give him a hug when he gets frustrated.

Whoever my husband is to be,

I want to be his artist in every way,

Support him in his plans for life,

And never leave his side no matter what.

The bottom line of this is,

I want to be just like my mother. :)

A very loving mother of four,

A supportive wife to my only father.

I can't help but be inspired

With the way she lived her life,

In total support to my father,

No matter what happened she was there.

This poem is for her,

To let her see what she has implanted in me,

She has always been an awesome mother,

And the greatest example of what a wife should be.

I know i can never be the perfect wife,

But one thing is for sure,

I have an amazing mother with me,

Who'd guide me on how to be one :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A woman of worth

She is someone who cares a lot,

In which we greatly take for granted.

Her care is so genuine,

that you and I could not understand.

She is someone who loves to love,

Into which we sometimes think is too much,

A love that we say we don't need right now,

But it is a love that we seriously need forever.

She is someone who thinks of you,

Day and night praying for your safety.

THough you may not know,

She says I love you when your fast asleep.

She is someone who cries for you,

When your tears could no longer fall.

A silent love into which is so loud,

that we easily start to ignore.

She is someone who is loved the least,

Yet gives the greatest love with no exchange.

A love that is so pure and sacrificial,

To the point that death is no longer a fear.

She is a woman of worth, a woman of God.

She is a rare jewel that cannot be duplicated,

Her love is unchangeable, uncrushable.

Who is this woman I talk about?

She's a mother.

My mother, your mother is our greatest treasure,

Appreciate her for she deserves that love,

Remember, she loved you, so so much,

Even before the day that you were born. :)

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