Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bedside Song

Sitting on my own bed,

Wanting to write a song,

To someone I don't even know who.

I just want to write that's all.

Melodies that I want to sing,

But don't really know where to begin.

There's a song inside of me,

Wanting to come out in perfect melody.

La La La La La,

Do i begin with these words?

Or should I rather say what's in my heart.

I want to sing out loud,

I don't have a song I know,

But there's something in me,

That wants to come out and sing.

So I will sing La La La La La,

Even if there's no point.

La La La La La to you and me,

Let's just sing La La La La La.

I know it's weird, I know its lame,

But I want to sing, that's all i know,

So sing with me if you want to,

Even with my senseless lyrics.

La La La La La La

I will sing this song over again.

La La La La La La

Sing with me and let your heart afloat.

Just let it out, Just hum a tune,

It doesn't have to be perfect,

Just Sing it out and for sure,

Somewhere, somewhat,

You'll find the right words,

and find your perfect song. :)

Technology Maze

I stare at the screen of my computer,

Wanting to do something productive,

But can't seem to get my butt off it.

It's as if I am hooked into it.

I wait and I wait.

Waiting for people in perfect patience.

Getting stuck in front of my computer,

While time is ticking without my control.

Please I want a life,

Get me out of this maze I am in,

There's a huge world out there,

That is waiting for me to discover.

Tell me how, Tell me when.

I want to get out of this maze I'm in.

I want to run I want to climb I want to fly,

Please save me from this endless maze.

Please tell me how to get out of this maze,

Time is ticking and I'm missing my life,

There's a lot to discover,

Please save me from this maze I am in.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More than this

There's got to be something deeper,

Something brighter than each passing day.
There's got to be something bigger,
Bigger than this small space I am in.

I want to go out and see the world,
I want to run out my room on bare foot.
I want to jump through my window
and fly across the neighborhood.

I know there's something bigger than this,
Bigger than this tiny world of mine.
I got to get out of my box,
I got to get out of my box,
And see the world
without walls.

Behind every window I see,
Is a girl who wants to come out,
It's the spirit in them,
the adventure they long for.

There's got to be more than this,
There's got to be more than that,
It the shout of every heart,
It's the cry of every soul.

Everyone was made for an adventure,
it's a matter of choice if they'll run after it,
To get out of their own comfort zone,
And take the risk of falling down at first.

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