Friday, February 20, 2009

Purity's Laws

Purity in a woman's Eyes.

P. stands for perseverance.

Purity is only attained,

When the will doesn't give up.

it is something hard to contain,

but this is the key to keepin pact.

U. stands for understanding.

We must completely understand,

that purity is a special gift.

It shouldn't be given to a stranger,

but given to a special prince.

R. stands for respect.

To respect oneself, is to respect others.

respecting our bodies and our values,

means respecting our Creator,

Who sees us a priceless jewel in a priceless crown.

I. stands for Intimacy.

Being intimate with the Holy God,

cleanses our thoughts from lust,

fills our heart with love,

and gives us worth like no other can.

T. stands for Trust.

Trusting God of our future prince,

can give us assurance that we will never miss.

Let God be the author of your love story,

and It'll be more than you could ever think.

Y. stands for YES!

A personal commitment,

is needed to fight such difficult task,

Now is the time for you to say YES!

To keepin it pure till the wedding day comes.


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