Sunday, May 2, 2010

A woman of worth

She is someone who cares a lot,

In which we greatly take for granted.

Her care is so genuine,

that you and I could not understand.

She is someone who loves to love,

Into which we sometimes think is too much,

A love that we say we don't need right now,

But it is a love that we seriously need forever.

She is someone who thinks of you,

Day and night praying for your safety.

THough you may not know,

She says I love you when your fast asleep.

She is someone who cries for you,

When your tears could no longer fall.

A silent love into which is so loud,

that we easily start to ignore.

She is someone who is loved the least,

Yet gives the greatest love with no exchange.

A love that is so pure and sacrificial,

To the point that death is no longer a fear.

She is a woman of worth, a woman of God.

She is a rare jewel that cannot be duplicated,

Her love is unchangeable, uncrushable.

Who is this woman I talk about?

She's a mother.

My mother, your mother is our greatest treasure,

Appreciate her for she deserves that love,

Remember, she loved you, so so much,

Even before the day that you were born. :)


tiny tine said...

Agree! :)

Mothers are women of worth indeed. :D
We are blessed to have them.

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