Monday, August 2, 2010

That's it.

I've had enough of this.

I know i'm different,
the way i think or express.
I've had enough of this.

Nobody could understand me,
except my family and God.
One or two friends maybe,
but that's it and it ends there.

I'm tired of explaining who I am,
tired of being different.
I've got to blend in and be silent,
and leave my thoughts somewhere else.

I've had enough pains of ignorance,
or misjudgment, of unacceptance.
I am closing my doors of openness,
And let my art express who I am.

Let me close who I am for a year,
All i can do now is listen and be silent.
Give a couple of advices if needed,
but if not, this one must shut up.

I am just so tired of who I am,
But i cannot destroy who I am.
Rather i will adjust and do what i can,
and let God do the rest and the best.

That's it.
It's the end of the rope.
I will keep my thoughts for myself.
It stays that way indefinitely.


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