Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Love, My God

You watched me walk alone,
Never took Your eyes away from me,
You never left me as i walked,
Prepared to catch me if I fall.

My Love, My God.
You never left my side.
Even if I thought you did,
You actually never did.

My Love, My God.
Without you my soul is gone,
Without you my life is a wreck,
Without you I am nothing but dust.

My Love, My God.
I missed you so,
Please walk with me,
Side by side forever.

My Love, My God.
You are my first and my last,
Nothing can be compared,
To You in love.

My Love, My God.
Thank you for painting the stars,
For me to see that you care,
That you are watching over me.

My Love, My God.
Thank you for your smile,
That kept me going in life,
That kept me loved .

My Love, My God.
No one can ever take your place,
You belong in my heart alone,
No one else can be there but You.

My Love, My God.
Change my heart and stay inside,
My soul is thirsty for you,
and my body longs for you.

My Love, My God.
Stay inside me forever,
Till the day I see you face to face,
Please take control of my heart.

My Love, My God.
My emotions are all yours,
My thoughts are all yours,
My choices are all yours.

My Love, My God.
Thank you for taking me back,
To your loving arms,
To your wings of grace.

My Love, My God.
Thank you for loving me so. :)


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