Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's All Yours

God, right now I at a loss,

You know deep within me,
That i have nothing left,
I can't do anything anymore.

I have nothing else. .
I am at the end of my rope,
I slowly realized that. .
I can't do anything anymore.

I have to trust in YOU. .
I have to understand that,
All i really have is YOU. .
Letting go of everything.

God. I need you so much.
I lay it all up on our hands.
Only you can touch this heart.
I know you can take it away.

Take away all the feelings,
That I may keep the gift,
That You have freely given me.
I need Your grace Oh, God.

My heart is all Yours.
Take it and please don't let go.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Are you feeling like you can't do something about your feelings for someone? I'm just wondering if you feel the same way as I do.. :)

Shiriel said...

yes, i kind of feel that way :)

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