Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something More

As I sit on my chair today,
I wonder if my today would be different.
Would it bring surprises and excitement?
Or will it bring familiarity and normality?

Now I ask myself,
How does my day turn to be normal?
Or then again, how to be exciting?
I guess everything leads to my choice.

It depends on me if i will live normally.
It depends on me if I will live excitingly.
The world cannot adjust to me,
I have to adjust to the world.

But adjusting to the world doesn't mean,
That i cannot compromise normality.
So today I make a choice to be different,
To live my today like no any other.

Today I make a unique choice,
To make something extraordinary,
Despite this ordinary day I have.
There I will find my true satisfaction :)


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