Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Golden Nuggets~

I Don't Want to Sleep

These past few weeks i didn't want to sleep. Every time nightfall came i hated the feeling of lying down and closing my eyes. At that time, i thought it was because my day was so exciting that i didn't want to bother to sleep.

Nope. I was dead wrong. It was the complete opposite. 

I didn't want to sleep because i didn't live my day to the fullest. I end up wasting it. I finished my day without thanking God, i finished my day without seeing God's plan for me. August 3, 2008 can never be the same as August 4, 2008. We could never have that date repeated, but rather it ends up as history. 

Today never got to help Tomorrow, because Today looked at Tomorrow first before he even looked at himself. Yesterday stole Today's attention, and Today stayed in Grief. Future wanted to give Tomorrow Happiness as Today wanted it, but Today was so focused on Yesterday that Future couldn't give her gift to Tomorrow. That end up that Present being unopened and wasted.

I wonder that if i see my Book of Life, would i see waste written all over in most of my days? How about yours? Made me think, why do people have insomnia anyway? Coz if i know, if one person is very happy, they can sleep sweetly. Meaning, people who have insomnia, has the same problem as mine? They couldn't find satisfaction in their day?... 

One Quotation really struck me, it asks, 'Are you living your dream? Or just living your life?' -Bruce Wilkinson

My Dream

Where the need is, where my burden is, where my sorrow is, where my strength is used, where my passion burns... there lies my dream.

Too Late?..

As Long as I have breath, it is never too late to act on my dream it is never too late to find who I really am.. Our dreams are very important to God, He will never let it die until the need is present. The way I pursue my dream is too unique for any other person who'd pursue it. I can never be the same as You. As Long as you have Faith and Hope as your friend, Too Late will never come near you.

So far that's all i have for now..:)


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