Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Bad Day?... Think Again.

Two days ago i came home from Manila. I had a great week there with my brother, relatives, and friends. Everything went well, nothing wrong happened within that week, until the day i was on my way home.

Bad Day?...

-When i woke up, i was alone in my brother's house, for he went to work early.( I hate being alone)
-When i ate breakfast I looked at my (borrowed) luggage and saw that some mice ate the zipper line;
-Worst, I pulled it too hard that the zipper slipped away from the zipper line, making the luggage unclose-able.
-I asked some of my uncles next door, to fix it; In the end they can't fully fix it.
-Lunch time came, and there wasn't any gas for cooking rice, no salt nor cooking oil. 
-When my brother picked me up to go to the airport, i forgot something from his house so i had run and go back and get it.
-When i arrived at the airport, i had a 6 kilo excess baggage that cost me six hundred pesos!
-While i was waiting for the plane, i bought some donuts and apparently the donuts i wanted was taken from the girl who was supposed to be next in line. (I was supposed to be first)
-My plane was 50mins delayed.
-When i rode my plane, the storm was sooo strong! Thunders were flashing before my eyes. I kinda had a bumpy ride.
-When i was in the plane, i got hungry but had nothing to eat...
-In the end my whole day was a bad day, the day i was on my way back home.

Think Again.

-Yeah i woke up alone, but if my brother didn't got to work earlier than usual, he won't be able to bring me to the airport! I'd go alone! That's even worst!
-The mice ate my borrowed luggage, but at least it was a small damage, and the mice didn't eat anything inside from my stuff.
-I pulled it too hard(I was panicking), good thing i didn't create a bigger damage...(Lesson learned, never panic!) :)
-My uncles didn't fully fix it, but at least they solved the problem. I could close my luggage again..(The owner of the luggage was kind enough to understand...She wasn't mad at all...^_^)
-No gas, no salt, no cooking oil. So i used the oven, butter, and soy sauce to make my egg omelet and opened a can of sardines... :) Good thing God gave me a creative mind...:) It was a different kind of lunch and i enjoyed it... ^_^
- I forgot something from his house. Good thing i remembered before we rode a taxi!
-I had a six kilo excess. Good thing my brother gave me a five hundred bill for my pocket money on that day! 
-I didn't get the donuts from Go Donuts that i wanted, but at least i got to buy the best donuts from Krispy Kremes a day before, that the girl didn't have...:)
-My plane was 50 mins delayed, gave me enough time to buy more donuts for pasalubong, and appreciate the new NAIA building...:D
-Storm, thunders, bumpy ride. Good thing i was safe! Our plane didn't crash, thank God!:D
-I got hungry. God let me sleep all through out the flight! haha which was so impossible before...and when i got home, i got to eat my favorite homemade dish cooked by my mom!=3
-Yeah i got a bad day on the day i went home. Good thing nothing bad happened to me the whole week of my stay in Manila!!! It's so amazing and i had so much fun!:D 

Over all, was it a bad day? Well think again...:)


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