Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Title

God I know you're there,
I know that you look after me,
With every move i make,
Wether be it big or small.

God You know my worries,
you know that i trust you,
but do i really trust you enough?
Is doubt really that deceiving?

God You know that deep within,
I have full faith in your Word,
But then again doubt went in,
Asking if it was really your Word.

God you know that I love you,
But sometimes i think I've sinned too much,
Yeah, Forgiveness is always there,
But i don't want to hurt someone i love.

God You know my needs,
You know what I need right now,
You know what could calm me,
You know where I am going.

God there's so much doubt in me,
that i want to go crazy already.
I cried to you several times,
I know my tears matched with yours.

God I want to trust you,
Could you please renew my heart?
I want to keep my faith strong,
Strong enough that doubt couldn't creep in.

God I realized that I really am nothing,
Without you I can never live.
I don't know what's up with me.
Maybe all I just want to say is that...

God I need you


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