Thursday, November 19, 2009

Counting the days

The bells are ringing,
Homemade cookies baked,
Red and green cards everywhere.
The spirit of Christmas is here.

Christmas is here once again,
Knocking at our doors,
With songs of carols,
Christmas music everywhere.

But why can't i feel it again?
I didn't feel it last year,
Now it's here once more.
Just like the year before.

Busy again before December came,
Been like this three years in a row.
I miss the Christmas spirit in me,
I want it back but don't know how.

I miss counting the days,
Playing Christmas music in full blast.
Wrapping home made gifts,
Writing Christmas letters.

I miss being excited!
I miss the thrill of the months of -er.
I miss decorating any rooms I am in,
I miss christmas fun parties.

I miss Christmas cookies,
I miss writing gift lists.
I miss my spirit...
My spirit of Christmas.

I've been looking for it for long,
It's been three straight years now,
And i can't seem to have it back.
Christmas is an ordinary day for me now.

An ordinary day, or holiday...
Does it even matter?
When I lost the spirit of Christmas.
I lost it... I need it back...


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