Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bedside Song

Sitting on my own bed,

Wanting to write a song,

To someone I don't even know who.

I just want to write that's all.

Melodies that I want to sing,

But don't really know where to begin.

There's a song inside of me,

Wanting to come out in perfect melody.

La La La La La,

Do i begin with these words?

Or should I rather say what's in my heart.

I want to sing out loud,

I don't have a song I know,

But there's something in me,

That wants to come out and sing.

So I will sing La La La La La,

Even if there's no point.

La La La La La to you and me,

Let's just sing La La La La La.

I know it's weird, I know its lame,

But I want to sing, that's all i know,

So sing with me if you want to,

Even with my senseless lyrics.

La La La La La La

I will sing this song over again.

La La La La La La

Sing with me and let your heart afloat.

Just let it out, Just hum a tune,

It doesn't have to be perfect,

Just Sing it out and for sure,

Somewhere, somewhat,

You'll find the right words,

and find your perfect song. :)


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