Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Technology Maze

I stare at the screen of my computer,

Wanting to do something productive,

But can't seem to get my butt off it.

It's as if I am hooked into it.

I wait and I wait.

Waiting for people in perfect patience.

Getting stuck in front of my computer,

While time is ticking without my control.

Please I want a life,

Get me out of this maze I am in,

There's a huge world out there,

That is waiting for me to discover.

Tell me how, Tell me when.

I want to get out of this maze I'm in.

I want to run I want to climb I want to fly,

Please save me from this endless maze.

Please tell me how to get out of this maze,

Time is ticking and I'm missing my life,

There's a lot to discover,

Please save me from this maze I am in.


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