Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There is a danger in my field of work,

I can get sucked up in the technology.
To live a life like there was no tomorrow,
with no outer sunshine to face.

I need to balance my life for sure,
Or else I'll miss out the joy of life.
I need to get over this addiction I am in,
and see the source of life outside.

Technology can make you stop live,
It can deceive you of real happiness.
It can destroy your dreams and goals,
Once you are hypnotized by it.

So now I will let it go for awhile,
I know its hard but aint as if I'd die.
I need to get the balance of my life,
Or else I'd miss out the gift of life.


tiny tine said...

yes, you are so right. i had the same experience too and it was really scary. it's like the net and everything in it is eating up your system.

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