Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too Careful

Yes, I like someone.

Yes, I am paranoid.
Yes, I am thinking too much.
Yes, I am too careful.

I don't regret being like this,
It's keeping me safe,
It's keeping me pure in a way;
It's saving me from serious pain.

Liking someone is wonderful,
Tho it is tough as well.
It should be handled with great care,
Or it'll badly get out of hand.

Feelings taken for granted,
Is a very serious offense;
This is to be taken seriously,
Or it'll create serious mistakes.

I value our friendship so much,
that I make sure my guard is up.
I like him but i've got to be careful;
For as they say, Love is patient indeed.

I like him, I am paranoid.
I am too careful coz I like him.
Got to wait for God's Hand to move,
Coz He indeed is writing my story. :)


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