Sunday, July 13, 2008

Changing the World?

I have this dream; and i dream to make a difference, to make a change in this world.

I have a heart for the youth in Japan and Hong Kong. I want to reach out to them. I have a passion for them. Though I am stuck here in my country for now and i can't do anything about it and i am not doing anything about it but plainly waiting.

It's like lying down under a tree and waiting for the apple to fall in my mouth. That's how i am right now. Just imagine if I'd rather stand up and pick up that apple from the tree with a will, no matter how high it is, I'd get it more faster. Just like in my dream, I'm not doing anything now, so it'll take me YEARS before i can reach my dream.

I was at the verge of being crazy of doing nothing and waiting, then someone who was full of wisdom asked me, "How can you change another nation, if you can't even change your own nation?" another question was followed by it, " How can you help the youth from Japan or Hong Kong, if you can't even help the youth around you everyday?"

That realy struck me right through my heart. I can't believe it, I'm dreaming of something i would never accomplish by waiting. I have a dream and i can only make it come true by placing my dream on where i am right now first.

So... I tried it today, i tried to see the needs of the youth in our gathering. I left my circle of friends for today and mixed with the ones i don't know much of.

I got to talk to them, i got to know them; and well...In the end, i was actually shocked. Shocked that the youth around me, has SERIOUS problems and i never had any idea about it.

I simply said, "If you have a problem and needs to talk about something, I'm here."

Immediately, she opened up... Tears fell from her eyes like crazy. From a joyful spirit, now i see a crushed and afraid spirit. I can't believe it. I've been blind. I didn't see the need. I wasn't there when she needed me, i was late.

I wanted to cry... All these years i've been blind. I had a heart for the youth in those nations coz i do believe all they need was someone that would listen to them, who'd hear out their problems and heartaches. Just to realize that its exactly the same with the youth in MY nation...

God, opened my eyes. He revealed the need. He revealed it to me but i didn't respond the right way. I saw the need, i faced it, i aided it. What's wtong about that? I responded to the need MY way, when it was suppose to be HIS way...

When the girl was sharing to me, all i could think of was what how to give a 'mature' statement or an 'inspiring' response. I would always respnd to her, "I know what you mean, you're scared..etc ect.." Then she'd answer, "No, its not that..." she said that 5 times or even more... It's only now that i realized that i wasn't listening... I was only hearing.

I was thinking of what good thing i could give her, when all she needed was someone to listen. I failed to listen, coz i wanted to respond in a "Godly Way" when in reality i should respond in "God's Way"...

Making a change in Japan and Hong Kong? That's baloney, that's trash, that's nonsense... Unless, i make a change in my OWN nation first and i know for sure I'd be able to reach those nations.

Just as the saying goes, "Change starts at Home."


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