Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catching up.

I was reading a children's book about meditation, and a poem struck my heart...

The work that God assigned to us,
unimportant as it seems,
that makes our task outstanding
and brings reality to dreams.
So do not sit and idly wish
for wider, new dimensions
where you can put in practice
your many good intentions.
But at the spot God placed you
begin at once to do
the little things to brighten up
the lives surrounding you.

I've been so busy about my passion and heart for the youth of Japan, that i completely forgot of the youth around. Also busy about my emotions towards men. I realized that it is a choice to think about such things or not.

It's time to just stop thinking and to just do it. I have been confused for a long time now when faith is the only thing that could erase confusion, and also taking the risk of committing mistakes. I have lived the way I want recently and i want to live the way God does...

About the guy, i know someday i'll meet the perfect one for me..:) it's not the time to focus about it, all i need to focus on right now is my faith.

It's time to pick up the pace and catch up with the race that God has set before me... ^__^


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