Monday, July 21, 2008

Making a Change

I was having my devotion and i just felt like reading a book; and apparently, God spoke to me through that book. "97" by justin lookadoo.

A certain chapter of the book says that I can make a change by simply being kind to others. Kindness is like a chain link.  His example was very nice:

"There's a kid in your school who's always eating alone, then you try and eat with him today. He says that you get lost, but deep inside he's having cartwheels, being very happy that someone is eating with him. Then as he went home, the dog whom he'd always throw rocks at, he gave him food instead. Then this dog followed him and apparently the kid adopted him. The kid had a grandfather who was lonely, the kid gave the dog to his grandfather and this gave excitement to the life of the old man."

The list goes on. One simple act of kindness can bring change in this dark evil world... The little acts, are actually the biggest acts in heaven's view.

I was expecting so much from myself, wanting to give huge gifts to other people, when a simple hand written letter is of much value to them. 

I proved this because i had a little brother in school whom i cared so much for. I've gave him a whole set of a manga series which i've loved and kept for years. I felt that if someone would give me a set like that, i'd jump for joy too! i wanted him to be happy so i gave it to him. Then i also wrote a letter for him.

I actually thought the manga series is the one that would make him so happy. I was wrong... It was the letter... He said

"Thanks Oneechan for the gift, but your letter is the best of all..."

I was suprised, and happy.

I don't really know how it impacted him, but the fact that he was happy made everything worthwhile...:)

This is how to make a change, by doing small deeds that turns into chain links and realizing that Huge deeds are actually in disguise as small deeds..^_^

I actually thank God for a friend... He made me realize that i was having too much expectations in life, that i don't live it to the fullest. He was frank, he was mean, but he made a change in me, that could also turn as a chain link to changing other people, to actually changing a whole nation.

Sounds impossible? 

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

It's Biblical. Therefore its the TRUTH.


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