Saturday, September 12, 2009

Behind the Poise

She drops her purse,
Picks it up in great poise,
Smiles to the people around,
Walks like a princess on a street.

She is always seen to be polite,
Demure and gentle in every way.
Speaks with great gracefulness,
That no men could not resist.

She is very pure and serene,
For this she is found to be weak,
Found to be fragile deep within,
Seen as if she could break anytime.

But not everyone can see,
What is really deep inside of her,
Beneath her smooth and frail front,
She is hiding something big.

She is a warrior deep within,
No matter how demure she can be,
No matter how fragile she can look,
No matter how unbelievable it can be.

She is a warrior in the heart,
No other can take that off of her,
She is stronger than she thinks,
That soceity can't always accept.

She is a warrior in disguise,
That no man could really understand.
A princess and a warrior in one,
That God created in perfect deisgn.

A princess that takes his breath away,
A warrior that keeps him secured.
A princess and a warrior by heart,
That can be seen in every woman around.

In every princess is a warrior inside,
Who fights with great courage,
Paired up with great beauty and faith,
That no other could really defeat.

A princess and a warrior in one,
That's how God created us,
Women in the making,
That is sure taking breaths away.


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