Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is it Deep Enough?

I like you.

I don't really know how deep that is,
But all I know is I like being around you.
I just like it, I can't explain why.

I've been thinking a lot,
Why do I even like you so much?
I don't know how deep that is,
Is it just a friend or more than that?

There were days that i didn't care so much,
But then the question still hunts me so far.
Why do I like you so much?
I can't even answer that question right now.

I like you but i can't go deeper than that,
I can't say I love you, coz I just don't.
I like you is the perfect phrase.
Not a lover not even a crush.

Yes you are special to me,
But does speciality fall to love immediately?
I don't really know how to answer that.
I like you. Is that special enough?

A lot has been running through my mind,
Will you stay for long as my friend,
Even if I find my special someone in my life,
Or would you leave just like the others did?

You're special and I like you,
I don't want to loose you,
But I don't want to love you neither.
Am I being unfair, or just normal?

I believe you are matured enough,
but then again that is my prayer.
Mature enough to stay as friends,
Coz I'm afraid to loose you as well.

Maybe I should just stop thinking,
And enjoy this friendship you've given.
But then again, I can't help it at times,
I'm just afraid of loosing you from my sight.

But then... there's nothing to be afraid of,
Coz I like you and that's all there is.
Or am I just confused deep inside,
Not knowing "I Like You" is deep enough?


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