Friday, August 28, 2009

The Two

My heart is crushed. I am caught in between.

No I am not talking about love triangles or such,
It's much more important than those stuff.
I am actually caught in between the two.

Who are the two? They're men to be honest.
Two of the most important people in my life;
Well that's how much i value them as of now.
They're the two whom i trust and inspired me a ton.

The Two are actually best of friends,
They'd do everything together with joy,
Not to mention that they're like real siblings.
The Two has a unique kind of friendship for sure.

But that was before, way back from before.
It hurts so much to say the word "before",
If you just knew The Two and see them day by day?
I know for sure you'd feel so hurt and sad for sure.

I am just a friend to them.
But I am very much affected by their separation.
I asked myself why do i feel this way,
When it shouldn't be my concern anyways.

It's because, they're both important to me,
They're a huge part of my life in this town,
They were the first few friends I've had when i was new,
And they were the ones who inspired me to move on.

And now seeing them separated like this?
MY heart is crushed to its tad bits.
I could never do anything to glue them back.
The Two is gone and it hurts so much.

I want to cry, I want to brawl,
I want to shout this pain that i caught.
Why do i even bother worry about it?
Coz honestly I am caught in between The Two.

We were together somewhere awhile ago.
A group of friends and The Two was with me.
I couldn't help the fact that i want to be with both,
But the Two just couldn't be together as before.

I was caught in between, I hopped from one arm to another,
Trying to be happy and being together with The Two.
But i just can't help it, it's hard to be in between The Two.
Both are important as the other, but I cannot have them both.

I can't help the fact but ask.
"Why did you guys separate? can't you reconcile?"
I want to shout at them, tell them how important they are.
But i believe no matter what i say or do, could never recover the past.

Both sides are wrong, but why is forgiveness out of the scene?
They inspired me a lot when they were The Two.
But now all i can see are pains and hurts that i carry within.
Why do they have to separate... it pricks my heart so much.

The Two are still my friends,
But I can't have them together as before.
It's a sad truth that i hate the most.
I hope it won't last forever as they thought.

I can still be with them,
They give me more attention unlike before,
But I'd rather have them give me less attention,
And return The Two just like before.

I want to cry. But the tears won't fall off.
For deep within I'm happy to see The Two,
Even if a wall is stuck in between The Two..


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