Friday, October 31, 2008

Broken Pieces

It's really funny how i could learn from a 4 yr old nephew.

I had this belt design that got broken, it was a little thin flat copper ring. He was playing with it, then he gave it to me and i asked him if he still needs it... He said no, so i broke it into two, coz it was broken anyways.

Then his eyes widened and said to "Oh no! it's broken..." Then i said it was already broken... then it was funny that he ignored what i said and he said, "Sticky tape!" and he was so focused on trying to put it together...

Right now he's actually putting scotch tape on the broken ring. He's really busy and dedicated to fix it. He actually covered it with scotch tape! it's actually so cute! he said, "Yahay! it's fixed already..." with a huge smile on his face.

Why do i find it so inspiring?

His innocence, is what I need as a Christian. Being an adult, i usually think, 'Broken things should be in the trash' but my nephew being a kid thinks, 'It still can be fixed with sticky tape!'.

Its as if i said, "Broken people, with broken pasts should be left alone.", and its as if my nephew said, "Broken people, with broken lives should never be left alone, and should be fixed with great love."

I believed that copper ring had no hope of getting fixed, but my nephew thought the impossible... He fixed the unfixable, well not completely fixed, but he did what he could, while i was being too realistic.

Broken people, with broken lives, with nasty attitudes really is hard to talk to or to deal with, but God never sent His people, like me, to love just the lovable. As my devotion this morning, it said that if I love the lovable, anyone could do it. God sent His people to do the impossible.

My nephew taught me a huge lesson. It can always still be fixed if we put our mind to it, it's not really about how the outcome would be, but its really about obeying God and trusting Him, it's about trying what I can and letting God do the finishing touches.

As my nephew said, "Sticky Tape!"

As a Christian I should say, "God is with me!"


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