Tuesday, October 28, 2008

18th Birthday

When i was 13 and 16 i always had the huge gut that when i turn 18 something amazing will happen. I actually thought it was about my Manga, that finally i'd be able to publish it on my 18th birthday (it's was my dream). 

But then the amazing thing i thought would happened turned out to be a life changing experience.
Late las year, i stumbled upon YWAM, a missionary school, eventually they had a college there where the course i wanted was present. So without any hesitations, i quit my dream school in my country and left my social life there. 

Six months... (my first subject for my course) that was the best part of my life. I was able to learn so much about God and i was able to go to Hong kong and Vietnam, i was able to go to another country, that was just a dream before. After i graduated on my first subject, so many things happened, my debut, my 18th birthday, last May 2, happened. 

It got me to thinking, i did not reach MY dream to publish my manga on my debut, but GOD's dream went in, and i tell ya, it's the dream i can't even imagine myself. This year so many things happened. My 18th year wasn't the way i wanted it to be, it was FAR more better than what i planned it to be. Until today, so many things are changing, surely, i am becoming a better woman for God. 

My 18th year hasn't ended, and i'm so excited of what's ahead even if i can't see it myself. everything was on God's perfect timing, and surely His Ways are much more better than mine. :)

My life made a HUGE turn on my 18th year, God never forgot me, God never gave up on me. His love and grace is unexplainable, that i won't even bother to explain, for it'll take a lifetime for me to explain it...:D

My 18th year is the BEST year of my life, a memorable and faith deepening life.


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