Saturday, October 4, 2008

Left or the Right?

This is one of those days into which i want to rewind my whole day and listen to God in the first place.

Everything went wrong, wrong choices, wrong priorities, wrong pride. Wrong motive, wrong perspective. 

God, i don't know what exactly happened to me, but now i realized that I am unconsciously running away from my responsibilities. Now that i am aware of it, can i do it God? Can i work this through? I am such a perfectionist... I want to quit it, i want to enjoy life as you have given me, i want to spend time with You, to know You...

I want to be part of the youth, but i am running away... Help me to stop my feet from this pace i am in... YOu're talking to me right now.. so  many things you're revealing to me... You're grace Lord, is more than enough, i can't explain how BIG your love and patience is for me.. Please God, help me not to give up... to be unselfish... please... i need your help, hear my cry, help me see you when i make choices... please...


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