Friday, February 20, 2009



This word is usually misunderstood,

Holiness is a term that scares people away,

its a term misjudged in many ways,

that surely turns people's back away from it.

What does holiness truly mean?

People say its about wearing the right clothes,

Long skirt, long sleeves, neat hair...

Is that what you think as well?

Some even say holiness is like a white canvas,

someone who is sinless, kind, and pure.

Someone who does no wrong,

But is there such person that could ever exist?

Oh please, don't give me the pastors' kids.

They might be even worst than you think,

Too much expectations, too much white,

that brings them to the wrong side.

If this is such perspective towards holiness,

then no one can ever know our real God.

Our God who gives so much love and grace.

For God can only be with us in complete holiness.

Holiness cannot be gained through works,

For it is a gift freely given away,

To those who receive it completely,

With no second thoughts.

Holiness is not about the things we do,

Not about the things we wear nor eat.

It's not about the material things or good deeds,

Holiness can never be about such shallow things.

For Holiness can only be explained in one single way,

It's not even a sentence nor a phrase,

Don't make something simple, too complicated.

Holiness is Jesus Christ.

He Died just for you and me,

the perfect sacrifice, sinless and pure,

He died to restore our relationship with God,

He died to give us life and holiness.

Now, it's your choice if you'll receive Him.

He's gave himself to you freely,

He made a way for you to be Holy,

Won't you accept this perfect gift today?

Don't wait for tomorrow, or later.

It's just a simple prayer to utter.

He's been waiting for you for long,

and He's not giving up on you, whatever you do.

Purity's Laws

Purity in a woman's Eyes.

P. stands for perseverance.

Purity is only attained,

When the will doesn't give up.

it is something hard to contain,

but this is the key to keepin pact.

U. stands for understanding.

We must completely understand,

that purity is a special gift.

It shouldn't be given to a stranger,

but given to a special prince.

R. stands for respect.

To respect oneself, is to respect others.

respecting our bodies and our values,

means respecting our Creator,

Who sees us a priceless jewel in a priceless crown.

I. stands for Intimacy.

Being intimate with the Holy God,

cleanses our thoughts from lust,

fills our heart with love,

and gives us worth like no other can.

T. stands for Trust.

Trusting God of our future prince,

can give us assurance that we will never miss.

Let God be the author of your love story,

and It'll be more than you could ever think.

Y. stands for YES!

A personal commitment,

is needed to fight such difficult task,

Now is the time for you to say YES!

To keepin it pure till the wedding day comes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Define Silence.

Silence, music of the soul, unheard by the world.


Monday, February 2, 2009

I appreciate it, but no.

A poem for someone who confessed to me lately...>_<

A friend i met in a short while,
Confessions of feelings you let go.
I appreciate it much, i really do.
but I'm sorry I don't feel the same way.

Everything went just so fast,
I enjoyed the blooming of our friendship;
But because of such a thing you did,
the blooming somewhat came to a pause.

You're a great man, inspired me deep inside,
You're passion for music is just so grand.
Please focus on the talent God has given you,
For surely i know God will use you mightily.

Please, from the bottom of my heart,
set your eyes on the path God has given you,
A destiny only you can finish,
A responsibility meant to be handled.

Let's just be friends for now,
Friends without any expectations,
Pure and holy in the eyes of God,
that He may bless our friendship greatly.

Right now studying I am in love with,
Being single is what i yearn as of now,
No commitments, no disturbances,
My eyes and heart is looking straight into God's plan.

At times, I admit, I long for a companion,
but its those times into which I choose,
Choose to focus on becoming a better woman,
For the prince that is unknown to me for now.

Please, I pray, do the same,
Be the best man you can be,
for the future princess you want to attain.
I know you can do it, believe it so.

For now, I may look like the princess you long,
but know me first for we will never know.
Feelings are fast to develop,
but wisdom is a must to be learned.

Think, pray about it,
you might be making a wrong choice,
choose beyond your feelings,
Learn and open you heart.

You're a great man i admit,
but you can become the best.
Hold unto God's hands first,
let me go and you'll see what i mean.

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