Thursday, March 26, 2009


Right now i feel something different.
Something way far from the truth,
Something i feel once in awhile,
that really ruins who I am for this time.

Believe it or not, i feel this way.
It's as if it's a part of who I am,
that it was in my genes and blood,
and that, It's what i have as a woman.

I feel like I'm the ugliest person in the world,
Even if i I believe in the truth that I am not.
It's this little acnes popping out of my face,
that causes me to be depressed in some way.

It's also about my weight, my figure,
clothes that fit before, is not fitting no more,
It's as if people are staring at me,
when really they're not.

It's about this personality of mine,
How rotten i feel deep inside,
this imperfection of mine that kills me slowly,
When in reality its actually building me up.

It's about this new hairstyle,
that makes people angry why i changed it,
that creates little weird rumors,
when in reality they're interested.

It's about this fashion i have,
that makes people think I'm too different,
and that I am taking the spotlight!
When in reality they don't even care what i wear.

It's about this words of mine,
that when i open my mouth,
it'll only hurt a lot of people,
when in reality a lot needs to hear my voice.

In the end, it's just all about the perspective!
Okay so i have acne, i'm chubby, i'm weird.
but hey, it's called insecurity and its part of life!
It's a part of who i am as a woman.

I know everyday, women face insecurity.
It's a tough emotion we have to face,
Everyday is a challenge to think positive,
Despite the imperfection of who we are.

So men please give grace to us,
When we rant, we just want to let it out,
We don't always need answers
Sometimes listening is enough.

But i do really know for sure,
what really matters is what's inside.
but i think as women, we want to be beautiful,
we were made that way.

So if we spend long hours in the bathroom,
or go to the gym almost everyday,
or place make up for almost an hour,
or even stay up late just to find the right attire,

Don't take it in as VANITY,
it's just a part of womanhood.
it's what we are made for,
to be and to stay beautiful...:)

Wondering why?
Ask God, read Genesis,
Think why God created a woman,
and why is she the last one made..:)

Let me give you a hint,
When an artist paints,
usually the last thing he does,
is the finishing touches to make it all perfect.


Vahntotie said...


True, not just in women, but to some guys they also feel the same way. Yet we only think of "what we think", but other people look at us in a different way, we often tell ourselves stuff, yet others tell us different things, and more to that, God doesn't look at us the way we look at us negatively and in Him can we only find our identity, cause through experience it was through Him that I learned to appreciate my appearance and etc.. :)

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