Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am really not fond of cars,
yes they're very fast,
but i just don't get why men,
loves it so so much.

I see their excitement,
the thrill in their eyes,
their enthusiasm as they speak,
the passion, the dream, the longing.

I can't see in any way,
how i could love cars,
as much as men does...
Its just impossible.

But then...

What if my future prince,
would love cars so much,
so much to the point that,
he wants to talk about it, with me?

How can i relate, if i don't like it at all,
how can i listen if i find it boring,
how can i appreciate it when i see it as metal,
how can i support what he likes?

I don't like it.
but not liking it, is a choice..
Hey! Then i can choose to like it!

Now i can clearly see,
I may not like it now,
for i have no reason to like it at all,
not even a tiny bit.

But someday, if my prince,
would love it so much,
i think its the most reasonable reason,
to like cars as well.

I would choose to like cars,
coz i love my prince so much,
that i would love what he loves as well,
To see the car not as a mere metal no more.

This is the beauty of loving someone,
I get to love something i ignored before,
For love indeed is a choice,
and choices doesn't depend on feelings.

Now i may not appreciate cars,
but when my prince comes and loves it,
i would surely learn how to love it,
as i learned how to love him...:)


Vahntotie said...

Hahaha.. I can sooo relate..
Especially when the guys here sa station start talking about cars, I'm like: "Aaah, yeah.." and in the back of my mind "What are they talking about?" Hehe..

And sometimes we feel like there's a barrier when somebody has different likes and dislikes, but somehow you can't force to like something if you really can't like it, but when it comes to love, you will really do something about it :)

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