Thursday, March 19, 2009


Problems here and there,

Everyday interfering with my life,

A routine i never got to get used with,

Something i never expect but always comes.

Problems are hated by everyone,

It's the thing that turns our smiles upside down,

It's the thing that crushes our hearts into pieces,

It's the thing that causes so much tears.

Problems ruin my perfect day.

Problems bombards me with mixed emotions,

It pushes my brain to its limits,

It shakes my identity for a moment.

This is how problems are always seen.

It's the thing that ruins almost everything good.

It's this thing that pours out too many tears...

and ruins so many good relationships.

But then... are problems really that bad?

Are problems created just to make us suffer?

To make us drown in our endless tears?

Does problems kill us slowly?


No, it does not.

Problems is actually the very thing,

That keeps us going on with our lives.

It's the fuel that keeps us moving on.

It's a great gift from God,

that is always misunderstood.

and I am guilty myself.

Problems are challenges.

Challenges makes my life exciting,

it's the thing that keeps me active,

and not slacking on my daily routes.

Challenges are made by problems.

So now i could see,

that problems are opportunities,

to become a better and wiser person,

to become strong and independent.

But most of all, problems is a tool,

To keep me coming back to God.

Surely problems is not a curse,

but a gift if seen in the right perspective.


Vahntotie said...

Nice :)

Vahntotie said...

Hehe.. Apologies if ngayon lang ako nakacomment ulit.. Medyo naga-down kasi ang net dito sa station lately..

As what I said sa YM, it's good 'coz you were able to express your feelings well as you wrote them, and in the end you wrote there that hope can still be found even in the midst of problems, and they aren't curses rather gifts to mold us to the person God wants us to be.

Keep it up Shii! Hehe.. I'm always reading your blogs :P

God bless! ^_^

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