Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's one of those days again.

Recently i met a prophet,
God showed me my future,
through this great prophet.
A bright future i have indeed.

Though, there is one thing,
that greatly caught my attention,
Something i never expected to hear,
but was said to me on that day.

27 he said... when i turn 27,
That's when i'll get married.
Yeah, i was breathless for a second,
Diverse thoughts flashed like thunder.

19 I am right now,
Happily single and loving life,
I wonder what life would be,
In between these years of mine.

I wonder, is he safe?
Is he waiting for me to come?
Or has he given up waiting for me?
Can he wait? can he?

Questions i could never answer,
Only God knows for sure.
I lay him all in God's hands,
to keep him safe and pure.

This is a long journey for me,
A journey of challenges,
of self-control,
of obedience.

I pray that i could manage,
to stand on my own feet,
until the day that we'll meet.
8 years isn't such a long time.

But the journey in between,
is an adventure worth to keep.
A journey of faith and obedience,
Of passion and fire for God.

Honestly, I can't wait,
Till the day that we would meet.
I wonder if he feels the same,
to a future that is unseen. :)


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