Thursday, June 25, 2009


Packages sent from heaven,

Are daily gifts filled with love,

To have it in your hands,

Is a choice you must wisely make.

Packages sent from above,

Are commonly ignored by daily routines.

One must take a silent pause,

To see the beauty heaven has brought.

Packages sent from Heaven,

Are filled with memories of the past,

Filled with laughters and tears,

That heaven would never forget.

Packages sent form above,

Are sent by angels unseen by the eyes,

Covered by their mighty wings,

That no storm could delay.

Packages sent from heaven,

Are sent with a purpose in perfect timing,

Some are wrapped with prayers,

Some with deep anointed worship.

So have you received your package today?

Don't miss it or you'll drop your smile.

These packages are meant to be opened,

On the day it was sent from Heaven. :)


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