Sunday, June 14, 2009


It's funny how a simple smile,
from a dear old friend,
would make my heart skip a beat,
and never want to leave.

It's funny how a simple "Hi",
could make me want to stay,
and cancel all my plans,
and stay with that friend.

It's funny how a simple pat,
could make me want to smile,
that comes from the heart,
that would never seem to fade.

It's funny how my feet won't move,
Once i am beside that friend of mine.
How my thoughts would jump,
From one happy memory to another.

Unforgettable moments,
Flashing before my thoughts,
that makes me want to talk and laugh,
as if tomorrow won't come.

It's funny how a friend, or friends,
would lead me to happiness,
without them doing a thing or two.
Just being with them, is enough.

It's funny how this joy inside,
would never fade at all,
Even if we've said our farewells,
On this busy day.

These feelings rushed into my veins,
with just seeing a friend for a few minutes,
A few minutes that refreshed my mind,
and gave me joy like no other could give.

That's the gift of a friend.
Just being there, a smile or a pat,
could turn a hectic busy normal day,
Into an extraordinary joyful memory :)


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