Friday, June 5, 2009

Notebook in Pink Ink

Prayers i wrote down,

On a simple notebook on my bed,

written in pink colored ink,

Simple yet covered with faith.

I wrote as if i was talking to God,

Wrote with joy and expectation,

With faith and excitement,

with love and fulfillment.

Never cared what the world would think,

it's written on my simple notebook,

that only my loving God could see,

a place where i could commune with Him.

I love my notebook in pink ink,

Coz there i could read my answered prayers,

Prayers written in faith, covered with love,

written in letters, embedded in the heart.

God answered every thing i wrote,

Answered not in years, but in days,

No, not even days, but hours.

God answers in love and perfect timing. 

I can see the greatness of God,

on my notebook in pink ink,

I saw His care and great love,

in the little details of my life.

God is real,

I can prove it for sure,

with my notebook in pink ink,

surely you'll be amazed.

Though i don't need to prove a thing,

coz it can happen in your life as well,

just have the child like faith,

forget about the world and focus on Him.

Try jolting down your thoughts,

maybe in blue black or green ink,

it doesn't really matter at all ,

as long as you have the faith.


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