Monday, August 3, 2009

You are the only one

There’s a void in my heart,
That only You could perfeclty fill.
A void sucking my joy out,
That only You could prefeclty shut.

There’s this void in my heart,
caused by the nature of sin,
A void i thought that could be filled,
By the gifts the world could give.

But then, with all the pain life could bring,
There you are ready to call my name.

You are all i need,
To fill this void in my heart,
rushing through my vains,
slowly shutting my life down.

YOu are the only cure,
from this emptinesss that i feel,
YOu are the perfect beat of my heart,
Please stay and never fade.

This void is as blank as the sky,
with no stars painted across,
It’s so dark and cold,
Alonne I feel in this midnight sky.

but then a star flashed across,
Gving me hope to believe,
that in the darkest cold midnight sky,
are small stars shining so bright.

In the midst of all the pan life could bring,
There you are ready to shine through my day.

YOu are all I need,
thats what i really do believe,
you are my source of life,
a heartbeat i need all the time.

You are the only one for me,
that could fill this void inside.
I’m sorry for not seeing you first,
When you’re the only cure. 


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