Thursday, August 20, 2009

Someone I like...

Today I saw someone,

Whom I didn't expect to see.

Someone dear to my eyes,

Unsure if dear to my heart.

He is someone I've known,

Not far from before,

He's actually new to my life,

Which I treasure the most.

He is someone I love to see,

but when his presence is present,

I begin to act like a total crack.

Eating my words, cannot stay put.

Someone I don't really know,

Whom I like to observe,

To know much better,

Than what i already know.

He is unable to be reached,

He is someone who sees me,

Not more than a little girl,

Who needs a pat on the head.

He is quiet, simple and blank.

His words strikes into my heart,

He rarely speaks of foolish things,

And that's what I like most about him.

He is mysterious and calm,

He thinks deeper than the others,

He slowly processes wisdom at hand,

And ask questions I never thought of.

He sits in a certain position,

That makes him look smart and cool,

What's even more better than that is,

He acts this way ever since before.

He doesn't hide what he thinks,

He is straight and frank.

His words hurt at times,

But he speaks in complete truth

He is simple, tall and thin.

Too simple that makes me want,

To add more art on how he dress,

Something I'd do for love.

He thinks so deep that i want to sink,

To dive in his thoughts and clearly see,

What he is hiding deep within.

To see the condition of his heart.

I want to understand him more,

But I don't have the license to do so.

We are friends and that's how it is,

It doesn't hurt, for i do not expect.

There are no emotions attached,

To my pure admiration for him,

For i really haven't seen who he is,

For i can only see the outer mask.

I hope i can see him often,

and talk to him about life,

But i know deep within,

That if i do, I'd fall for him.

I am now not ready for such a thing,

For i know he is still growing and so am i.

He is very near and yet i feel so far.

I want to be a friend, but how can i be?

All I pray today,

Is that i would get to know him more,

and not fall for him the way i see.

I want to be dear to him as he is for me.

Pure friendship is what i deeply seek,

I wonder if he'd accept the offer i wish to give.

I cannot imagine my life with him,

but i really do want to know who he is.

I'm not sure, but i think,

I am deeply attracted to him,

for he is someone like me.

I don't know, I'm not sure.

Whatever it is, all i can say,

I think I like him,

But i could never ever say I love him.

I admire him and i think it'll stay there.



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