Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Busy there, busy here,

Busy now, Busy later.

It's a never ending cycle.

Too much need, to much work.

Where is the beauty of life,

It is never found no more,

when everything is just so fast,

Nothing is just like before.


Take a bit of a moment,

to pause in this fast paced life,

You have to want to pause,

To see life in a better view.

It's worth the pause and miss out some,

that never pause and miss out all,

Life isn't all about busyness,

Take a pause and you'll see what i mean.

When you take a pause, to stop

You're giving yourself a precious gift,

the gift of life that was meant for you,

So don't waste it and open it.

Life isn't all about work,

Sometimes you just have to pause,

to see the beauty of what you've done.

Being busy ain't cool, so Stop! you need it the most.


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