Monday, January 5, 2009

Love on the pit stop

I am a woman, created to love a man.

People would usually ask me,

"Why don't you have a boyfriend?"

My answer varies, though concludes to one point,

One point into which the world barely understands.

This answer i would always point out,

"I want to become the best woman i could be...

Before i would finally meet 'him'..."

A confused face they'd always reply.

"Why don't you try? You're at the right age."

But they don't understand my point,

It's not about the age, but the maturity of the heart.

Age can never pass for maturity.

"Why don't you try dating? To know some guys."

They always think of the 'dating game'

But i don't want to be a busy bee,

that goes from one flower to another.

"I think you're just scared."

I'm just preserving my purity,

To give to the one, giving the best of me,

For I want my very first to be my last.

"Just get some experience."

And what? Fall for the devils trap?

No way man! I'm not into games,

Love is a serious thing, i consider as a sacred gift.

"You're Just paranoid, you're TOO careful, you're just weak."

Paranoid I am not, but weak I am,

but so what? At least I'm not the one in tears.

I know my limits, my weakness is my shield. 

"I can't wait for you that long, why can't it be now?"

If you can't wait for me for just several years

What more if we are together forever?

I am not some toy that could be easily exchanged.

"What if you find another guy better than I?"

Then be the best man you could ever be,

while i do the same, and if i choose someone else,

At least you became a better man.

"Can I wait for you?"

Easy to say, but hard to do.

Waiting is not an easy task,

but if you can do it, what more could i ask?:)

"What do you look for a guy?"

Sincerity is all i need,

Trust is a must in every promise,

but mostly a heart that puts God first before me.


My pit stop ends here, 

time to get back on track,

and leave these questions and thoughts behind,

moving forward and never looking back.

For i am still on the journey,

Of being the best woman i can be,

For the man who deserves my love,

For all eternity.



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