Monday, January 26, 2009

My Own Interview

Sometimes I like to pretend that people interviews me. It's my way of practicing my own perspectives, but somehow i could not say them in front of a person, but thank God i could write them down...:)

My own interview begins with this question.

"Why do you want a man in your life?"

I want a man because i want to be a queen.

At first glance, a small talk and a get to know.

Then a small cup of coffee as we go in deeper.

Receiving gifts, his opening of doors, cute hello's,

Simple looks, compliments and security.

...I want to feel like a princess in this early times.

From physical attraction, to emotional attraction,

is the first stages of a bright friendship,

Then as spiritual attraction comes in,

That's when a real relationship begins.

...I want to see my prince beneath that shining armor.

Love is a choice, a commitment that is never played.

It is a sacred gift, that is meant to be protected and nurtured.

It is not based solely on gifts, feelings & words alone,

Wisdom and knowledge is needed after all. 

...I want my prince to give me a ring in complete sincerity.

A couple walking down the aisle is a dream come true,

Every woman's happily ever after to every storybook.

It is the time to close the book of sweet single-hood,

And the time to open a new book called marriage.

...I want to see my prince grow into a King.

He indeed is the head of my future family,

Time to let go of my own decisions, time to trust in him.

It's my time to bend down on my own perspectives,

and let his love and manhood flourish in God's hands.

...I want a man, because i want to be a queen.

My king indeed will mature in God's loving hands,

I am created to be on his side whatever may happen,

I wasn't made to rule, but to support and encourage,

I am creation's finishing touches, made in complete beauty.

Created to bring beauty and joy in a man's rugged life.

Just like in a wide clean green pasture,

Flowers that bloom gives it a more awe-ing experience.

Same as a man's life, a woman was made to complete him. 


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