Monday, January 5, 2009


There are things said to me,

told to be kept as a secret,

trusted to keep and never tell,

only God knows what i mean.

Confused, if i should tell

to those who are wiser than I am;

Or am I to keep such secret,

No other person should hear.

My mind full of questions,

left unanswered 'til the fall of night.

Kneeling on my knees,

praying to the God who hears.

Lost in thoughts as I sat,

Replaying the words i've let go,

Finding out that my words,

Where no help at all....

Asking God to forgive,

this judgmental heart of mine,

letting go of the pride i have.

Regret is in the heart.

The question still remains...

Must i keep silent or say something.

Unwise i could be,

How i pray that i could receive wisdom

right now, to this very moment.

I am lost. Words of mine i could not understand.

Must i still keep silent or must i speak out?

Wiser than I am, please help me to know,

The truth about my question, that is deeply lost...


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