Friday, January 30, 2009

Now I know

I am scared of realism portraits,

that lead me to loving cartoons.
But still the question remained,
Why in the world am I scared?

At first i thought it was because,
I already see real people in this world,
why make more in form of art?
It's just too much.

Then I next i thought,
Cartoons give a more relaxing aura,
Realism is just too serious.
I want to gain joy with arts!

And then I thought,
Realism sometimes deforms the features,
Sometimes it makes a monster out of people,
but at times gives more beauty.

Then finally today i found the answer.
I am not scared, i just don't like it,
You may not agree with my answer,
but this is how i really see it.

I dislike realism for the reason that,
I saw pictures of Jesus in realism form,
And He was always frowning,
because of that, I thought He was always serious.

But then, cartoons gave Jesus a different image to me.
In cartoons He'd always be smiling or laughing.
That's the Jesus I really want to picture.
Someone who's open, approachable, and lovable.

Again, this is my own perspective,
Respect mine and i will do as well to you.
If i somewhat disrespect yours,
Forgive me I never meant to give harm.



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