Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mary, or Martha?

I've always compared myself to Mary or Martha,

I've always knew that I am more of a Martha,
I thought i could only use this analogy with ministries,
But no... It can also be used with relationships.

Imagine, me getting married with having a Martha only,
Who gives much importance to work,
Less with listening and sitting on a cozy night with him,
Who'd rather cook an amazing dinner and not eat together.

Imagine, doing laundry for the sake of cleaning for him,
Forgetting to appreciate how he actually looks in those clothes.
Imagine, Cooking long hard worked, professional, scrumptious meals,
Forgetting to enjoy the meal, I've worked hard for him, with him.

Imagine, buying creative expensive unique gifts for him, 
Forgetting that a simple long chat in a coffee shop is so much better.
Imagine, studying in a school of the "how to's" of a married life,
Forgetting that finding out about it together is much more better.

Imagine, working my butt off just to impress him with my skills,
Forgetting that my support and attention is what he needs best.
Imagine, working hard on a surprise birthday party for him with hundreds of visitors,
Forgetting to actually give time for him on his special day.

Imagine, making the house clean to make him feel comfortable,
Forgetting that what he needs is my touch, my attention, my love.
Imagine, serving God in church with a different ministry as his,
Forgetting that i should be beside him with his ministry.

Forgetting that my ministry is to be there in his side,
Through thick and thin, I should be there to encourage him,
Forgetting that i wasn't made to work for him,
but to listen, encourage and to make him smile in tough times.

I want to learn how to be a Mary, before i even meet him.
A Martha heart is what i have, and must change in priority.
For the man who has a heart of a Jesus deep within,
Yearns for a woman who has a heart of a Mary.


cy said...

well,I love this post

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